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Miracleman (1985) 3-A

Comic Book by Eclipse, Nov 1985

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Miracleman (1985) 3-A by Eclipse
Miracleman (1985) 3-A by Eclipse
Item Bio
"Out of the Dark"
reprinted from Warrior (UK) #9

Evelyn Cream breaks ranks from the Spookshow's diktat in order to break bread with the great white enigma. He simply couldn't execute their orders; killing Michael Moran, without witnessing firsthand the near-Godlike specimen that Moran becomes at the utterance of one magic word. Miracleman manifests himself, and Cream is at once entranced.

Cream reveals the location of the abandoned bunker base that holds the key to Miracleman's origin. Super propulsion carries the pair there, but Sir Dennis Archer has activated a contingency plan in the form of muscle-bound moron, Big Ben.

"Inside Story"
reprinted from Warrior (UK) #10

Big Ben, the bowler-hatted lunatic, throws everything at Miracleman, believing him to be a Soviet agent. Ben is also hampered by suffering under the delusion that he even stands any chance of defeating his foe by raw force. The man that might be Mike Moran, just stands there impervious to harm, expressionless.

This sub-super-human is beneath Miracleman's notice, until a contemptuous swipe of one hand dispatches Ben some distance away.

With the bunker entrance ripped open, Miracleman walks into his own private Hell. This hall is full of horrors.

reprinted from Warrior (UK) #11

Pure. Unfettered. Rage. That's his only response to what he's had to listen to, via the vintage videotapes. Miracleman tears apart the laboratory he was "birthed" in with his bare hands. His life insomuch, has all been a lie.

Those Air Force sawbones had really done a sterling job on him and his two little mates. It's a disparaging jolt to learn that a significant portion of your history has been manipulated, fabricated, directed and toyed with overall, by none other than your avowed arch-enemy, Emil Gargunza.

Includes a bio page on Miracleman and Kid Miracleman.
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