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Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect 2-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Feb 1993

CCL Grade: Near Mint -
Price $5.00
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Item Details
Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect 2-A by Marvel
Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect 2-A by Marvel
Item Bio
"Future Imperfect, Part 2 of 2: Conclusion"

*The testing of the first Gamma Bomb thrust upon Robert Bruce Banner that which he would come to believe would be his greatest nightmare: his unwilling transformation into the Incredible Hulk. Much has happened to him since that time, and now the mind of Bruce Banner is completely in command of the gamma-powered strength of the Hulk. One would have thought the nightmares were over.

One would have been wrong.

Thrust nearly a century into the future--into a post-holocaust, dystopian world--Bruce Banner discovers that his nightmares have a whole new name:

The Maestro.

Holding a fear-torn world in his unyielding, tyrannical grip, the Maestro fears nothing and no one. Not even, it would seem, himself. For the Maestro is, in fact, the future incarnation of the Hulk himself. Unchallenged in strength, undefeated in battle, and unhampered by morality, the Maestro does not seem to consider the Hulk a threat.

It is the Hulk's intention to change his mind. Witnessing the Maestro's oppression, he resolves to rid this world of this dark reflection of himself.

It will not be that simple. The battle between the Hulk and the Maestro will be played out on many levels, as the Hulk finds himself fighting not only for his survival, but for his very sanity. Because he knows that, once already, he has given in to the forves that shaped the Maestro. Will the Hulk be able to rid the world of the despotic Maestro...or will this be another case of history repeating itself? What hope is there for the world if the Hulk becomes that which he is struggling against?

Herein, the conclusion to one of the most anticipated, most discussed Hulk stories ever. "Future Imperfect," the first-ever Hulk special format tale, presenting the ultimate confrontation between the Hulk and his future self, the Maestro.

Only one can survive.

And maybe not even one. *Source: Back Cover
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