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StormWatch Special 2-A

Comic Book by Image, May 1995

CCL Grade: Very Fine
Price $.99
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Item Details
StormWatch Special 2-A by Image
StormWatch Special 2-A by Image
Item Bio
Occurs between StormWatch (1993) #21 and WildStorm Rising #1.

Flashpoint is hunting down the Mercs one by one in attempt to find out what they did to StormWatch Prime during their captivity. After he kills Kilgore, Synergy sends Sunburst and Nautika to stop him. Deathtrap, who has been working for Defile, also has his own plans to stop Flashpoint.

When Flashpoint confronts Hellslayer, the remaining Mercs come to stop him. Fortunately for Flashpoint, the members of StormWatch Prime arrive just in time to save him. When the tide of the battle turns in their favor, Flashpoint presses Deathtrap for answers.

Sunburst tries to calm things down, but Flashpoint attacks and seriously wounds his teammate. Flashpoint chases Deathtrap into the sewers, while Nautika goes to her husband. Sunburst tells her that Flashpoint cannot be allowed to break StormWatch's codes of ethics anymore, and sends Nautika to stop him.

In the sewers, Flashpoint once again has Deathtrap at his mercy, and once again demands information. This time, however, Deathtrap has a change of heart. But, before he can tell his secrets, Nautika takes Flashpoint down.

Flashpoint is taken to a maximum security facility following his vigilante tactics with the Mercs. Synergy pays him a visit, and tells him that while he will be kept in custody, they may have need for him in the future.

Meanwhile, Defile seems pleased at how the situation played out. During StormWatch Prime's time as prisoners of the Mercs, they were given subconcious instructions to act as spies for the Defile. And while Flashpoint is no longer useful, Sunburst and Nautika may still be useful.
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