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Ghost Rider (1973) 37-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Aug 1979

CCL Grade: Very Fine/Near Mint
Price $8.00
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Cover Price:$.40
Publish Date:AUG 1979
Content:CCA Approved
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Ghost Rider (1973) 37-A by Marvel
Ghost Rider (1973) 37-A by Marvel
Item Bio
"Night of the Flame Cycles!"

On his travels through Mid-Western highways, the Ghost Rider spies a billboard poster touting the latest effort to break one of Johnny Blaze's world record jumps. What fools these mortals be, thinks the flame-skulled one... attempting such feats of daring audacity without the Satan-sponsored protection of invulnerability.

In a rare concession to his human half, the Hellion on wheels of fire speeds to the venue of the jump, Bob Farley's Super Circus. Johnny Blaze mingles among the crowd, waiting for the night's big event.

It seems the Circus manager, Farley, has got in over his head with some local gangsters. Despite promising them he'll make good on his debts, the crooks plan on ruining Farley's business.

The up-and-coming family team of "Flaming Cyclists" hope to hit the big time with establishing a new world record jump of 24 cars. The jump ends spectacularly in a fireball of mashed metal, shattered bones and scorched skin. The son, Davey is devastated by the sudden loss of both parents.

Later a sinister, robed figure approaches Davey, offering occult assistance to revive his parents. Johnny Blaze watches from the shadows, silently recalling the circumstances which led him to pledge his own soul to Satan.

Thirteen days later, Blaze intercepts young Davey at his parents' graves. Johnny warns the lad against entering into any bargain with Netherworldly forces. Graphically illustrating the harrowing cost by transforming to Ghost Rider in front of the youth.

With that, the Brimstone Biker is away on his latest quest for vengeance. Forcibly extracting from a street pimp, the whereabouts of Dirk Varden, the underworld kingpin who'd ordered the deaths of the Flame Cyclists.

A lavish, no-excess-spared soiree is being held at Varden's palatial residence. The Ghost Rider's in no party mood, and proceeds to set ablaze the trappings of depravity like the Hell-spawned Demon he embodies.

Varden runs for his life, even as Davey takes aim at him with a discarded automatic pistol. Ghost Rider stays his hand, warning Davey that the path of vengeance is his alone to follow.

Follow he does, down rockfaces and across ravines, until his flame cycle is converging with Varden's car. The gangster's bravado buckles at the crucial moment before impact, swerving away and off the narrow mountain road. Contented, the Spirit of Vengeance simply rides on, and on.
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