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Crux 17-A

Comic Book by CrossGen, Sep 2002

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Cover Price:$2.95
Publish Date:SEP 2002
Sale Date:AUG 28 2002
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Crux 17-A by CrossGen
Crux 17-A by CrossGen
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*They were the Atlanteans, a peaceful civilization of artists and philosophers who used their phenomenal mental and physical skills to build an island utopia. They had but one responsibility: to guide and shepherd Earth's newborn race of homo sapiens towards a grand and glorious destiny. But when a mysterious cataclysm plunged Atlantis and its people beneath the waves, six - and only six - were awakened by a nameless stranger one thousand centuries later to find their utopia forgotten and in ruins, their brothers and sisters caught in an unshakable slumber... and the human race gone, having vanished centuries ago in the Transition, a passage to a higher plane of existence.

Galvan has been taken through a dimensional portal by a creature unknown to the Atlanteans. Both legendary warrior Aristophanes and the alien known as Thraxis battled the most recent Negation invasion to a standstill. Verityn was allowed a glimpse into Thraxis' mind to see the epic story of that species' past and their abduction by the mysterious Masters. But now Aristonphanes, determined to seize total victory over Altantis' enemies, has pursued the invaders through their portal and into the Negation Universe. *Source: Crux #17
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