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Showcase '93 1-A

Comic Book by DC, Jan 1993

CCL Grade: Near Mint
Price $1.00
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Showcase '93 1-A by DC
Showcase '93 1-A by DC
Item Bio
Catwoman in "Sorrow Street, Chapter 1 of 4"
Written by Doug Moench, penciled & inked by Ed Hannigan.
*Catwoman breaks into a museum to steal a work of modern art, only to find it has already been stolen, but the police and her fence Starkey think she was the thief. She slowly discovers that the Sorrow Street area is under new management, a group which seems to have chased away all competition in all areas of crime, and seems to be particularly big on drugs. Things become personal when Arizona is beaten up by one of this group.* Source:DCGuide.com

Blue Devil in "Speak of the Devil"
Written by Gary Cohn & Dan Mishkin, penciled by Pete Moriarty, inked by Dan Davis.
*Blue Devil battles with props gone mad on the set of his latest movie. Later, when he enters special effects guy Morty's trailer, he is abducted by a robotic being to somewhere which Morty (also a prisoner) describes as Maldor.* Source:DCGuide.com

Cyborg in "A Mind is a Terrible Thing..., Part 1 of 2"
Written by Len Wein, penciled by Phil Jimenez, inked by Al Vey.
*Red Star and Sarah Charles are trying to restore their friend Cyborg's mind, with little luck. They are surprised therefore, when he suddenly begins to move of his own volition, breaking out of S.T.A.R. Labs and heading for a cabin in the mountains. Here, a failsafe program of his father's is activated, restoring his mind and memories.* Source: DCGuide.com

A DC Heroes pin-up featuring Catwoman, Blue Devil, Cyborg, Robin, Creeper, Two-Face, Kobra, Flash, Obsidian, Jade,Geo-Force, Deathstroke, Batman, Green Lantern & Deadshot.

Cover art by Art Adams & Terry Austin.

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8000 books. Current overstock. $1 each.
7/20/2013 9:16:28 AM
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