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Thor (1966) 475-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Jun 1994

CCL Grade: Very Fine/Near Mint
Price $.99
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Item Details
Item Data 
Cover Price:$2.50
Publish Date:JUN 1994
Caption:Embossed Silver Foil Cover
Content:CCA Approved
Story Arcs 
No Story Arcs
Thor (1966) 475-A by Marvel
Thor (1966) 475-A by Marvel
Item Bio
"Survival of the Fiercest"

Thor, High Evolutionary and the first of his "godlings" arrive at Mount Wundagore. On their arrival, they encounter a squad of Transian soldiers. After defeating the the soldiers, the group restores Wundergore to its former glory, adding in bio-pools for use in the creation of more godlings.

Having restored Wundergore, High Evolutionary finishes creating his godlings. While the group, calling itself Godpack, gets acquainted, Thor heads off to consider his future. Discovering a concealed tunnel, the thunder god's curiosity leads him to a cavern where he encounters a familiar figure, Dr. Donald Blake.

Earthquake level tremors cause Thor to return to the main base, bringing Blake with him. Once there, the thunder god discovers the cause of the tremors; the New-Men, now calling themselves Animutants, have attacked Wundergore.

Thor's arrival tilts the battle in the Godpack's favor. Karnivor, leader of the Animutants, brings out his "secret weapon", a captive Jane Foster. Unwilling to allow Thor to sacrifice himself on her behalf, Jane leaps from Karnivor's grasp. As the Godpack continue to fight, Thor rescues Jane and brings her to safety.

With everyone occupied, Karnivor attacks his primary target, High Evolutionary. As he is about to deliver a killing strike, Thor intervenes, saving the Evolutionary. Realizing that he cannot defeat the thunder god, Karnivor flees the battle. Their leader gone, the remaining Animutants surrender.

In the aftermath of the battle, Thor agrees to join the Godpack, creating a new costume to symbolize his being both the god of thunder and a warrior of the Godpack.
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