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Starslayer 2-A

Comic Book by First, Apr 1982

View CCL Ratings Information CCL Grade: Very Fine
Price $10.00
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Market Notes:
Origin/1st full app. the Rocketeer (4/82) by Dave Stevens (Chapter 1 of Rocketeer saga). Later to become a great movie.
Item Details
Item Data 
Cover Price:$1.00
Publish Date:APR 1982
Story Arcs 
Mike GrellArtist
Steve OliffArtist
Dave StevensArtist
Mike GrellWriter
Dave StevensWriter
Starslayer 2-A by First
Starslayer 2-A by First
Item Bio
Torin Mac Quillon finds himself torn away at the moment of him imminent death at the hands of Roman invaders to the far flung future. Tamara has brought the mighty warrior to a future Earth, choking on its own pollution, on the brink of interstellar war...as Earth's savior. Tamara has silent partners in her actions, partners who are wary of her choice of champion. She summons a ship that will be their mobile base of operations, the Jolly Roger.

"The Rocketeer"

Fresh off their theft of the experimental rocket pack, Nazi spies flee from the police to the airfield, but are caught before they can make good their escape. Cliff Secord rents the hanger where the Nazis were caught, and, after they are led away, finds the jetpack. Cliff is down on his luck, as his girlfriend doesn't think he's successful enough. Cliff calls his mechanic friend Peevy and schemes to use the jet pack to make it big. The next day at the airshow, a drunken pilot is in danger of crashing, and Cliff straps on the jetpack to save the day, even though he doesn't know how it works.

First appearance of Dave Stevens' "The Rocketeer."
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