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Fantastic Four (1961) 296-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Nov 1986

CCL Grade: Very Fine/Near Mint
Price $2.00
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Fantastic Four (1961) 296-A by Marvel
Fantastic Four (1961) 296-A by Marvel
Item Bio

The FF is all broken up over the disappearance of Ben and everyone is blaming themself for it; none more than Reed, who still feels guilty for bringing Ben along on their mission to space that changed them forever.

It is Sue who tries to argue that Reed has punished himself for far too long and that is what Ben wanted, but Reed only partially listens. He wants to confront Ben but not to ask him to come back as he did in the past, this time he wants to close their relationship and the guilt forever.

The FF learns that Ben has gone to Monster Island from where he will never return. The FF set out to find their former friend, fighting their way through the monsters until they finally reach the level of the Mole Man where they are confronted by the Mole Man's newest friend and General, Ben Grimm.

Ben shows them the underground paradise that the Mole Man and all the ugly people have built and how they were going to create their own island. Reed finds that something is not right with the plan and tries to bring it to Ben's attention, but Ben does not want to hear it.

The FF are about to leave when Alicia arrives. Ben confronts her, but it only ends badly. Ben is ready to throw them all out when Johnny's face is damaged by the Mole Man, who wants Johnny to know what it feels like to be Ben.

Reed convinces Ben that the Mole Man is insane and from what Ben learns of his new friend, he is more inclined to agree. Ben rejoins the FF in stopping the plan of the Mole Man. They stop the plan as the entire island is destroyed but not before Ben has the Mole Man help him restore Johnny's face.

The FF escape and Ben takes back his place in the FF family.


Alicia Masters has been replaced by the Skrull Lyja.
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