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Wolverine (1988) 1-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Nov 1988

CCL Grade: Very Fine +
Price $12.00
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Market Notes:
Newsstand Edition of this issue with standard barcode. Has very slight wear that might keep it from VF/NM, but priced accordingly and graded conservatively.
Item Details
Item Data 
Cover Price:$1.50
Publish Date:NOV 1988
Content:CCA Approved
Story Arcs 
No Story Arcs
Wolverine (1988)  1-A by Marvel
Wolverine (1988) 1-A by Marvel
Item Bio
"Sword Quest"

Telambang, a small, out-of-the-way island in the heart of the Indonesian Archipelago, Wolverine makes his debut in his first monthly on-going series.

Banapur Khan, the Prince of Pirates, is commissioned by the Cult of the Black Blade to recover the Muramasa sword. Khan and around 100 of his pirate goons hijack an aircraft after it makes an emergency landing on the island.

Wolverine, under the codename Patch, is then dispatched by Mariko Yashida, the woman he loves, to learn the fate of her personal secretary, Kojima Noburo, a passenger on the plane.

Wolverine arrives to find a dying Kojima, and is attacked by Khan and his thugs. After a bloody battle "Patch" has disposed of the pirates and learns from Kojima that they thought he had the blade, and informed "Patch" that it was sent by way of two other couriers.

"Patch" then travels to Madripoor to meet the couriers. The first being Linsday McCabe, an actress, and roomate to Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman). Lindsay is soon kidnapped upon arrival in Madripoor and questioned about the sword.

Almost as soon as she was kidnapped, she is saved by "Patch". Lindsay then informs "Patch" that Jessica is on her way with the sword and is meeting with Kojima as soon as she arrives. Little does Jessica know that Kojima has died and someone pretending to be him will be waiting, and they will most likely kill her on the spot for the sword. So "Patch" and Lindsay must find Jessica before the Cult of the Black Blade do in the next issue.
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