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What If? 2-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Apr 1977

CCL Grade: Good/Very Good
Price $4.00
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Item Details
What If? 2-A by Marvel
What If? 2-A by Marvel
Item Bio
"What If the Hulk Had Always Had the Brain of Bruce Banner?"

Good question. In this case it would mean a Green Goliath capable of reasoning solutions to problems rather than bludgeoning obstacles into compliance.

Welcome to a parallel Earth where Bruce Banner is about to test the Gamma Bomb on desert sands. When he spies through binoculars, the sight of Rick Jones reclining in his hot-rod, harmonica to his lips like an insouciant, juvenile Bob Dylan.

Banner orders his assistant, Igor to halt the detonation countdown. Unknowing that Igor is a Soviet spy who would benefit greatly from Banner's death, seizing his research notes. Although Banner rushes the youth to safety in time, he is still caught in the fall-out from the radioactive blast.

History repeats, except the transformation to green-skinned Hulk does not rob Bruce Banner of his prodigious intelligence. Bruce balances domestic bliss with Betty Ross (now his wife) with a dedicated effort to cure himself of becoming the Hulk.

These efforts eventually lead Bruce to work in close association with Reed Richards and latterly, Charles Xavier. Their combined talents inadvertently hail Galactus from galaxies beyond to consume the planet.

Contains a fan letter from Mark Gruenwald.
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2/2/2014 9:16:25 AM
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