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Thor (1966) 441-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Dec 1991

CCL Grade: Very Fine
Price $1.99
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Thor (1966) 441-A by Marvel
Thor (1966) 441-A by Marvel
Item Bio
"My Brother's Burden!"

Zarrko, the Tomorrow Man, continues his efforts to merge all alternate timelines into a single timeline, with himself as master of time. To prevent the Thor Corps from interfering, Zarrko has plucked a version of Loki from some point in the past.

Dargo Ktor battles Zarrko's robotic servant, Servitor. The two crash through several levels of the time cube before Dargo finally defeats the killer robot. Before returning to aid his companions, Dargo gets a glimpse of Eric Masterson's future.

Meanwhile, Beta Ray Bill and Eric Masterson find themselves battling Loki. With Bill unconscious, the God of Evil is on the verge of defeating Eric Masterson, when he learns that he is destined to be killed by his half-brother, Thor. Turning his back on the battle, Loki hurries off to find Zarrko, planning to force the Tomorrow Man to reveal the details of his death.

Loki's confrontation with Zarrko damages the time cube and the two are pulled into the timestream. Beta Ray Bill, takes over the controls of Zarko's time cube to return the Thor Corps to their home worlds and times.

"Tales of Asgard: If Death be My Destiny!"

Their search for the real Thor has taken Balder and Sif to Niffleheim. As Balder attempts to rescue Hela from her prison, Sif battles the Destroyer, inhabited by the spirit of Lorelei. On the verge of defeat, Sif lures the Destroyer to the pit of the Great Beasts. Before the Destroyer can escape the pit, Balder returns with Hela, who uses her powers to seal the pit, trapping the Destroyer inside. Learning that Thor is not in Niffleheim, Balder and Sif prepare to resume their search.
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