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Weirdo Beardo Comics
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Worlds of Aspen 4-A

Comic Book by Aspen, May 2009

CCL Grade: Very Fine/Near Mint
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Worlds of Aspen 4-A by Aspen
Worlds of Aspen 4-A by Aspen
Item Bio
"Executive Assistant: Iris"
Reprinted from Executive Assistant: Iris #0

*In the modern, cutthroat corporate world, today's CEO needs an edge to stay on top. Enter the Executive Assistant.

She's a secretary, bodyguard and assassin all rolled into one. She's meticulous, ruthlessly efficient and is completely loyal to her employer.

But when she discovers that the man she serves is even more vicious and depraved than the criminals she's supposed to be protecting him from, her life begins to crumble.

Now, torn between her loyalty and a heavy conscience, she must journey back to the school that created her in an attempt to rediscover her humanity. But is she already too late? *Source: Title Page

"Soulfire: New World Order"
Reprinted from Soulfire: New World Order #1

*The year is 2211. In a changing world obsessed with technology, a young boy named Malikai embarked on a quest to usher in the next Great Age of magic. Along with his friends Sonia and PJ -- and Grace, a winged beauty from an era long obsolete, the weary travelers came to realize her return was not by mere coincidence. The malevolent Rainier -- a power mongering remnant also from her forgotten past -- quested to extinguish the growing light of magic once more... and along with it, the boy Malikai.

As the group's journey to save Malikai and meet all of the legendary Five Masters came to a startling finale., the seeds of magic have begun to spread anew.

In the city of Oakland, Cruz is sick and tired of being the muscle behind his cousin Manny's criminal enterprises. While in San Jose, Heather spirals into depression and hopelessness as she comes to grips with her inherent 'differences.' And soaring high over the cybernetic urban sprawl, the predatory Cole simply wants to violently siphon the kindred spirit from his latest murder victim. A New World Order has risen. One of magic and despair.

And all three of these unique souls are connected by their hidden secrets... secrets that will not stay concealed for long. *Source: Title Page

Reprinted from Michael Turner's Fathom (Vol 2) #6

*The underwater battle of Muria between the humans and the Blue (Fathom: Volume 2 [Indexed as Michael Turner's Fathom (Vol 1)]) sent ripples across the oceans and the world below and beyond. Attempting to contain the frustration and response to the Humans' attack on their very existence, Siphon of the Blue struggles under the weight and decisions of such a responsibility -- choices that will set the course for their existence forever.

Kiani was successful in finally discovering the truth about her parents, but is even more stunned when she realizes her father is the murderous dissident Killian. Together, father and daughter have united in their unbridled hatred for the surface world above, and set off on a mission to destroy as many humans along the way as possible to mark the dawn of a new era of reprisals against the human race.

Aspen Matthews and Chance Galloway set off on their own following the thwarted Human invasion of Muria, preferring a life of solitude as opposed to further interfering in the life of the Blue. However, their vacation is cut short by the arrival of Cannon Hawke who persuades Aspen to return to the ocean and Muria. Once there, Aspen reaffirms her position not to get involved in matters of the Blue, yet the pair do manage to kidnap the imprisoned Tigershark Anderson along the way in order to help find her captive brother, Finn.

After escaping Chris Calloway and the Tigersharks ambush and a successful rescue of Finn from the Navy's secret facility, Aspen, Chance, and Finn reach safe haven and discover the Black's imminent plan for destroying the Florida coast. Calloway and Admiral Maylander are brought together by Secretary Mitchell and the US President to plan their offensive against the Black's Onslaught. However, when their objective takes a fatal turn, Siphon and the fleet of the Elite Council arrive to thwart the Black for the time being, leading to the shocking revelation of the Blue's presence to the human world. A decision that will change the course of the Blue's existence forever. *Source: Title Page

"Soulfire: Destiny's Child Part 1"
Reprinted from Aspen Seasons: Winter 2009 #1

*The forces of magic and technology have endlessly opposed one another since the dawn of man. Long ago, a great age of magic and beauty thrived across the land, while technology grew a slow birth. The race of magic glowed with the enlightenment of hope and peace. However, technology continued to flourish in the shadows of such wonderment...

The year 2211. The city San Francisco. A young orphan boy is the link between the age of magic long past and the reckoning of the age of technology. With a power within capable of turning the balance to one side, the forces of both good and evil struggle to grasp onto Malikai's existence and claim him as their own.

The winged-heroine Grace, along with friends Sonia and PJ, journeyed with their friend on his path to meet all of the Five Masters. Yet the malevolent power-monger Rainier has also sent his creatures of technology, including a massive man-made dragon to capture -- or even destroy -- Malikai. The race is underway to tip the scales in the favor of either magic or technology, and only a weary orphan stands as the catalyst. *Source: Title Page
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