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Showcase '93 4-A

Comic Book by DC, Apr 1993

CCL Grade: Near Mint
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Item Details
Showcase '93 4-A by DC
Showcase '93 4-A by DC
Item Bio
Catwoman in "Sorrow Street, Part 4 of 4: Block Party"
Written by Doug Moench, penciled by Ed Hannigan, inked by Fred Fredericks.
*As the people of the Sorrow Street area move in, determined to take on Bracuda and his men, Catwoman, Robin and the police also aim to get their prey. They get the street back, but Bracuda escapes in the fray, partly because Catwoman is only interested in driving him off rather than taking him down. Robin, however, is now determined to bring him to justice.* Source: DCGuide.com

Blue Devil in "A World to Conquer (But I Wouldn't Want to Live There)"
Written by Gary Cohn & Dan Mishkin, penciled by Pete Moriarty, inked by Dan Davis.
*Blue Devil has discovered that the person behind his abduction is one Galaxa, who plans to use his unique fusion of magic and technology to destroy the world seed and hence the world. Blue Devil experiences a brief moment of connected-ness to the supernatural elements of Earth, a moment which allows Nebiros back into the world, and fights Galaxa. However, when she strikes the world seed, he finds himself human again, free of the costume he has been trapped in for years, but also unable to stop Galaxa.* Source: DCGuide.com

Geo-Force in "The Haunting of Castle Markov"
Written by Mike W. Barr, penciled by Bryan Hitch, inked by John Beatty.
*Denise pays a visit to Brion at castle Markov, but they find that some unusual things are happening - an unexplained fire, and what appears to be some ghost sightings. In time they discover that this can be attributed to the Untouchables, who are trying to save one of their own who is stuck in a permanently intangible state. Not believing that Brion, the hero Geo-Force, will help them willingly, they cause him to become intangible also.* Source: DCGuide.com

Cover art by Michael Golden.

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