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Power Man 17-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Feb 1974

CCL Grade: Very Good/Fine
Price $10.00
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Power Man 17-A by Marvel
Power Man 17-A by Marvel
Item Bio
"Rich Man: Iron Man-- Power Man: Thief!"

Luke Cage is left fuming after reading the latest Daily Bugle. The usual mentions for the gaudily-colored heroes such as Captain America and Spider-Man, but no room for the Hero-for-Hire.

What Luke lacks, he surmises, is a catchy code-name too. Thinking one up doesn't come so easily. A balding, rotund business-type distracts the brainstorming. Offering to hire Cage on behalf of Tony Stark, to test the security at Stark Industries.

Luke is about to throw the portly gent downstairs head-first, when he's seduced by the color of Stark's money.

Come nightfall, Cage smuggles himself into the main plant via a delivery truck. Access is effortlessly gained, but not unnoticed. Security guards come flocking and alarms draw the attention of head honcho, Tony Stark.

Cage's objective is to try stealing a new space exploration suit, but he's stopped cold in his tracks by a Repulsor blast. The Golden Avenger is here to restore order.

Iron Man makes a huge mistake under-estimating Cage's abilities. Not surprising, as the mercantile maverick doesn't get any press. Cage not only holds his own, but even damages Shell-head's armor.

As Luke's motivation is financial, not malicious, he yields, explaining to Iron Man that he's earned his night's fee. Only, Orville Smythe, the suit who hired him isn't an employee of Stark's, as Iron Man well knows.

It's a set-up. Smythe used the fight as a distraction to steal the spacesuit himself. The heroes spot him escaping in a Stark manufactured vehicle. Cage shifts his 300lb frame into gear and hops aboard before take-off.

Smythe believes the built in Exo-Skeleton of the spacesuit makes him a physical match in strength to Cage, but he's well wrong. Smythe is ditched out of the speeding skycraft.

Shell-head offers to replace the bogus Tony Stark cheque owed to Cage, minus property damage etc., and Luke has finally thought of his code-name, "Power Man".

First issue under the title "Power Man", Luke Cage's new name.
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