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Tuesday, December 03, 2013 5:45:28 AM
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fear itself wasn't too bad.age of ultron was a big disappointment as well as hunger.i started to read cataclysm but have decided not to.the only marvel new book I read is iron man but after the crap of tony stark not being a stark I might drop it.
Tuesday, December 03, 2013 10:35:35 AM
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Wow, after reading some of the previous crossover's and events this one has definitely made me a fan of Avengers again. I really enjoyed this one and I've already ordered the Infinity HC and Companion Omnibus. I've skipped all of the previous ones as they just don't warrant the spending of money for books I want to reread. Someone else out there has to agree with me that this one was a good one. Especially the artwork, I found that consistent across most of the involved series.

I hope they do more with Guardians of the Galaxy because that's another one that I've been anxious to read every time a new book comes out. Wouldn't that be funny if Thanos, trapped in that death box by his son actually purged him of that certain something that when released, made him actually have a slight...just a slight change of heart. Going after his son, or better yet, joining up with Guardians of the Galaxy to chase his now evil son...so evil and so powerful that the whole galaxy is now in danger and only his father and the rag tag bunch of misfits of Guardians of the Galaxy can...save the galaxy. That would be such an odd pairing of cast members. Haha...yeah i know, I'm an idiot but it would make for a great comedy.
Tuesday, December 03, 2013 6:14:05 PM
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Thundercron wrote:
BurningDoom wrote:

Marvel is losing me. First Fear Itself, then Marvel Now, now it's Infinity, and Inhumanity is doing nothing to inspire hope in Marvel for me, either.

Let's not forget Age of Ultron!

I liked Age of Ultron. The title was misleading, since there really wasn't all that much Ultron vs. the Marvel Heroes going on. But I do like a good time-travel story, which is what it was.

I will admit the after-effect of the story was freaking ridiculous, though. Time being broken is as much of a cop-out for writers to run to as Superboy-Prime's punch to realities' walls was in the post-Infinite Crisis DC Universe.
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Tuesday, December 03, 2013 6:36:34 PM
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Did I miss something? Currently suffering from Marvel Event Fatigue. Looks like the next big thing is Inhumanity. I think I'll continue to buy old comics for now. There's very few modern titles left that have any appeal to me.
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Saturday, December 07, 2013 6:34:24 PM
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I waited until I got issue 6 to start reading this one, and I thought it was awesome. The best Marvel-event since the Civil War. I only wish my beloved X-MEN were involved. Marvel has been irritating me with their re-' now'ing of titles, it was nice to get a solid gripping story. Kudos to the House of 'M'..... Wow, haven't been able to say that for a while.
Sunday, December 08, 2013 7:30:29 AM
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I love Hickman's work, but I need some help with this one. It jumped around so much, and I haven't had time to read most of the tie-ins. Why are these builders coming to destroy the Earth? What is their connection to Thanos? My reading comprehension skills are seriously lacking here.
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