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Wednesday, March 05, 2014 8:40:41 PM
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I've been noticing a lot of sheer nonsense in comics writing recently. I've decided, in an effort to improve the state of comics today (however slightly), it's time to start calling it out.

Today's example comes from Daredevil 22 (March 2013; yeah, I'm still behind in my reading). On page 2 (assuming you count the recap page as page 1), Matt Murdock is explaining how a blind superhero distinguishes the various notes of U.S. currency from each other.

Now, this shouldn't be a problem for Murdock. Those of us still reading Daredevil after 50 years are way past the point of guffawing and saying "No way!" when Daredevil reads the morning newspaper with his fingers; why should paper money be any different? Oh, wait. Here in panel 2, Matt is telling us: "Used to be, because of my enhanced super-senses, I could easily 'read' a bill by touch. But each advance in printing and anti-counterfeiting technology makes that more difficult."


What nonsense.

U.S. paper money, UNlike New York morning newspapers, are printed via engraving. Engraving is a more expensive, higher-quality means of printing than that used for printing newspapers and comics, and one of its characteristics is that you can literally feel the difference. Go ahead, try it. Pull a Twenty out of your pocket. Look at the cape around Andrew's shoulders. Feel the cape. Run a fingernail across it. You could use it as sandpaper if you wanted to (of course, actual sandpaper is cheaper...).

Mark Waid, a writer I ordinarily like quite a lot, expects us to believe that a blind super-hero with an enhanced sense of touch CAN read newsprint with his fingers, but CANNOT read money by the same means.

The sad thing is, it wasn't even necessary for Waid to use the "advances in anti-counterfeiting blah blah" excuse to justify the discussion in the first place. Just as easily, he could have had Matt narrate that, even though he could read the bills by touch, he folds his money as described in order to enhance the illusion that he is as disabled as any other blind person.


I will continue adding to this thread as I find nonsensical writing in comics. I would be happy for other members here to join the discussion, with or without examples of their own.
Wednesday, March 05, 2014 11:37:34 PM
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Good thread.

All I have to do is look through the Marvel Previews for my monthly does of nonsense....
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