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Poll Question: What type of data storage is best for you

  • Local Only (Your Computer)
    2 vote(s)
  • Local and Cloud (Sync)
    36 vote(s)
  • Cloud Only with Downloadable Reports
    4 vote(s)
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Friday, April 11, 2014 4:42:20 PM
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Flagwaver wrote:
How about when there is no wifi connection. Most comic shops and conventions don't have wifi. The CCL app is a perfect example. It is totally useless without a wifi connection. What happens when your cloud goes down? Giving up your data to some other party places you at their mercy if you don't have local access to it.

Local and Cloud.

As a seller, it is useless unless it is at LEAST local cake, Cloud being the frosting. I'd like to be online all the time, but bandwidth and Wi-Fi availability is nominal, even in Chicago.

I will also mention that cable services like Comcast slow down around 7 to 10 pm, with 40% of the internet traffic being used by Netflix\Hulu. I battle this already when at my GFs house... and I would not want to impede a customer from purchasing, because he cannot contact CCLs server, because it is swapping data.
Friday, April 11, 2014 9:09:06 PM
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Local and cloud please.
Athough, if I had to choose between one or the other it is always going to be local as I want control over my data.
I never have or will trust the cloud and will happily do without features that require it.
Saturday, April 12, 2014 9:37:49 AM
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Joe wrote:
In this day and age, are there really times when you are not online? Seems that would be the only time you actually need it local. Unless you don't trust the cloud with your database.

Can I get some real world scenarios of when you might not be online but would need access to your database.

Please stop looking at this from a web site / online company frame of mind. Look at things from a user perspective.

I'm in IT (and have been for 20 years). I deal with cloud based solutions EVERY DAY. They generally stink from a performance/reliability standpoint. Personally, I hate cloud based solutions. I've yet to find one that works better than a local (server-based) solution.

You're assuming everyone has a high-bandwidth internet connection. That's a poor assumption to take. I know people - in highly populated New Jersey - who can't get reliable high-speed internet because there aren't providers for it in their area. If it's not available for everyone in a state with as many people as New Jersey, think about areas in your own state that are quite far out from the main population centers.

I'll always tell you to give a local solution. You want to go cloud - I get it, but don't shoot yourself in the foot by eliminating the local solution.
Friday, April 25, 2014 12:59:16 AM
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Joe wrote:

Can I get some real world scenarios of when you might not be online but would need access to your database.

Sometimes the best time for cataloguing a collection is exactly when you don't have connectivity. During an outage and nothing better to do. After a move while waiting for the utilities to be established.

More importantly, the reason I selected both is that while there are benefits to the cloud solution for users with multiple devices, a local database will always perform better than a cloud solution. I would hate to go to a model of click then wait, then click then wait.
Thursday, May 22, 2014 10:31:36 PM
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Hey Guys,
Is there any word as to when the collections will be store on both locally on computer and cloud. I just but CCL on my Kindle in hopes of have easy access to my collection to updated it when away from home computer. Really like the idea of the two locations being synced.
Been away for away and came back, can't wait to see CCL reach it potenial.
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