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Saturday, July 08, 2017 1:08:29 PM
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Sorry it's late but here it is: The State of the Hall in July 2017!

Had a nice bit of vacation last week. We started at a Women's Only Frisbee Golf Tournament, I was the caddy and Colleen won her division! It was very hot and humid and we got rained on once (which I was totally fine with!) and it was pretty fun overall.

After that we wandered around northern Virginia a bit and strayed into West Virginia briefly when we visited Harpers Ferry. After that it was my Dad's house for his annual Fourth of July celebration. Blowing things up is a favorite pastime of us Hall Boys so we lit up the sky with some fancy pyrotechnics! By which I mean marginally legal fireworks. Don't worry, we were safe this year there were barely any injuries.

I did have a minor mishap when I stumbled over the cornhole board. In my defense, I came out looking pretty good. Here's what happened: during one particularly awesome display I was backing up and watching. I stepped on the board and started to lose my balance. After trying to save myself from falling I realized that it wasn't going to happen, I was going over. So I intentionally pitched backwards, tucked and rolled and then popped back up to my feet. There is no truth to the rumour that I may have been partially impaired. In dog beers I only had 5. Tongue

I was hoping that no one noticed but of course my brother and father both saw it. Luckily I don't think it was caught on film. Actually, I kind of wish it had been because I came out looking like a ninja! Did a full backwards somersault and stood right back up. And I'm almost 50 so anyone who doubts my dexterity can put a lid on it. Cool

OK, now that my new shelves are in place I will be able to start adding more books to my Store Inventory. I will try to keep a good mix of everything and will keep you updated as things progress.

Coming soon:

Transformers - almost two longboxes from the early Marvel years right up until now.

Charlton Bronze - mostly mid to low grade and also includes Modern variants

Archie - at least two long boxes from the 70's through the early 2000's

Much More!

Stay Tuned!

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I will provide scans upon request. If you want one be sure to send me your e-mail address and I will get it right out.
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Tuesday, July 11, 2017 5:33:38 PM
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Finally finished up a short box I had been working on. Only 100 books but got some nice ones in there.

Here's a peek:

Captain Marvel (1968) #10 and #14 with Iron Man!
Daredevil (not the Marvel super hero) #88 and #108 Rare Golden Age! ONLY ONES ON CCL!
DC 100 Page Super Special #4 - Weird Mystery Tales
Demon # 16 Silver Age last issue
Fantastic Four #150 Ultron!
Heroes vs Hitler ONLY ONE ON CCL!
Incredible Hulk #155, 168 1st Harpy!, 188 Gremlin, 235 Machine Man, 250 Silver Surfer, Annual #8 Sasquatch and Alpha Flight
Iron Fist Bronze #2-4, 6, 7, 9, 11-13 and 15 X-Men!
Jesse James #1 AC Comics ONLY ONE ON CCL!
Journey Into Mystery 2nd series #1 Robert E. Howard, #3 Robert Bloch, #10 Tim Boo Baa
Jungle Action #6 1st Killmonger ONLY ONE ON CCL!
Jungle Girls #1-16 FULL RUN! many of these are the ONLY ONES ON CCL!
---features Cave Girl, Nyoka - the Jungle Girl, Tara, Sheena - Queen of the Jungle, Tiger Girl, Rulah - Jungle Goddess and Wild Girl
Justice League of America Silver Age #9 Origin Issue ONLY ONE ON CCL!, 26 Despero, 28
Ka-Zar 1st series #1 X-Men
Kilroy's #54 Golden Age Last Issue! ONLY ONE ON CCL!
Marvel Feature #2 2nd Defenders!
Marvel Premiere #2 2nd Adam Warlock, #3 Dr Strange, #16 2nd Iron Fist!
Marvel Presents # 4-9 and #11 Guardians of the Galaxy
Marvel Spotlight #3 2nd Werewolf By Night, #8 and 11 Ghost Rider, #12 and 18 Son of Satan, #28 and 29 1st solo Moon Knight, #32 1st Jessica Drew Spider Woman
Marvel Super-Heroes #13 Captain Marvel 1st Carol Danvers, #24 Daredevil 1st Purple Man
Mighty Marvel Western #1ONLY ONE ON CCL!, 3, 4ONLY ONE ON CCL!, 11 and 14 Rawhide Kid, Kid Colt, Two-Gun Kid
Thrill-O-Rama #2 ONLY ONE ON CCL!
Tippy Teen #23 ONLY ONE ON CCL!
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I'm always willing to learn, if you've got something to teach - Martin Gore & Dave Gahan

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