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Why are People Freaking out About the Joker movie?

Thursday, October 10, 2019 7:07:59 AM
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I have heard numerous reports about increased security surrounding screenings of The Joker. Numerous people have come out saying that the movie glorifies violence and may encourage some to "copycat".

Why is this?

Where is the concern about:

The Purge #1-4 and soon to be 5
John Wick #1-3
Saw - 8 movies and counting
The Night Comes for Us
Django Unchained
Kill Bill
Hostel #1-3

I could go on and on but you get the point. Is the only reason people are coming after this because it's a comic book movie?

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Thursday, October 10, 2019 9:55:40 AM
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I heard that police were concerned that there might be a copycat of the Aurora, Colorado mass shooting that happened at a screening of The Dark Knight Rises.

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Thursday, October 10, 2019 10:01:30 AM
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I think the main reason that the last time there was a mass shooting at a movie, it was at a premiere of another movie in the Batman universe and the perpetrator called himself the Joker.

So yeah, as your list points out, anyone who says it's because it glorifies violence is full of crap. It's totally and exclusively because of copycat worries.

Now the whole thing with using Rock & Roll Part 2 in the soundtrack when Gary Glitter is a convicted pedophile... yeah... I get why people are a little annoyed by that one.
Thursday, October 10, 2019 10:35:44 AM
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Haven't seen it yet, so take everything with a grain of salt. This is based on what I've heard others say about the movie.

Seems to me people would rather scapegoat than look at themselves in the mirror. This movie holds the mirror up to society and blames all of us--including the media--for creating the monsters among us. Despite living in a woke, tolerant, inclusive, snowflake society, the actions of most people are anything but. The mean spiritedness you see everyday on the internet, mocking and lambasting those that are different--while the movie takes place in the days before the internet, the parallels are clear. People don't want to face the fact that the proliferation of mass shootings in recent years has nothing to do with gun laws, movies, or video games. It's the result of how we treat each other, and those monsters are our own creation.

The outrage is all fear mongering. Distracting us from what the movie is trying to say.
Friday, October 11, 2019 9:35:22 AM
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Solving the actual problems in our country are really, really hard.

Often those really hard solutions don't match peoples view of the world.

(A for instance is gun control. EVERY single bit of research shows the obvious fact that more guns equals more gun deaths. However, a lot of people don't ever want to see that). Another is politicians. We like to blame politicians for stuff but we keep voting the same yahoos in every election cycle.

As a result, people ignore the really hard stuff that doesn't match their world view and they throw out boogeymen that are meaningless like this Joker movie (or the media or the younger generation that EVERY single older generation blames for everything even though, obviously, the older generation runs everything.).

It's super easy to blame a movie for bad things----or throw out tag lines about mental health or the media or whatever.

I saw this movie. For the record, i liked it. however, I was a tad unhappy with how it made this character a little sympathetic (the Joker is not a sympathetic character). That being said, when we start blaming entertainment for societies ills we are missing the boat, obviously.

there is my rant for today.
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