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Monday, July 30, 2018 3:37:10 PM
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The list of States that we know of that now or will be forcing us to collect, file and pay Sales Tax into each State if we exceed their minnimum requirements, most allowing LESS THAN 200 sales a year. That comes to LESS THAN 4 sales a week from all sources. If you know of a change or another State getting added please let us know.
Alabama – $250,000 – 10/1/2018
AZ- $200,000 in 2019, $150,000 in 2020 and & $100,000 in 2021
California $500,000 - April 1, 2019
Connecticut – $250,000 AND 200 transactions – 12/1/2018
Colorado – $100,000 – 12/1/2018
DC-$100,000 OR 200 transactions
Georgia – $250,000 OR 200 transactions – 1/1/2019
Hawaii – $100,000 OR 200 transactions – 7/1/2018
Idaho- $100.000 - June 1 2019
Illinois – $100,000 OR 200 transactions – 10/1/2018
Indiana – $100,000 OR 200 transactions – 10/1/2018
Iowa – $100,000 – 1/1/2019
Kentucky - $100,000 OR 200 transactions – 10/1/2018
Louisiana – $50,000 – 1/1/2019
Maine – $100,000 OR 200 transactions – 7/1/2017
Maryland – $100,000 OR 200 transactions – 10/1/2018
Massachusetts – $500,000 OR 100 transactions – 10/1/2017
Michigan – $100,000 OR 200 transactions – 10/1/2018
Minnesota – $100,000 OR 200 transactions – 10/1/2018
Mississippi – $250,000 – 9/1/2018
Nebraska – $100,000 OR 200 transactions – 1/1/2019
Nevada – $100,000 OR 200 transactions – 11/1/2018
New Jersey – $100,000 OR 200 transactions – 10/1/2018
New Mexico- $100,000 - July 1 2019
New York- $500,000 AND 100 transactions- immediately after threshold achieved
North Carolina – $100,000 OR 200 transactions – 10/1/2018
North Dakota – $100,000 OR 200 transactions – 10/1/2018
Ohio – $500,000 – 1/1/2018
Oklahoma – $10,000 – 7/1/2018
Pennsylvania – $10,000 – 4/1/2108
Rhode Island – $100,000 OR 200 transactions – 7/31/2018
South Carolina – $100,000 – 11/1/2018
South Dakota – $100,000 OR 200 transactions – 5/1/2016
Tennessee – $500,000 – 7/1/2017
Texas- $500,000- 1/1/2019
Utah – $100,000 OR 200 transactions – 1/1/2019
Vermont – $100,000 OR 200 transactions – 7/1/2018
Virginia - $100,000 OR 200 transactions - 7/1/2019
Washington – $100,000 OR 200 transactions – 10/1/2018
West Virginia – $100,000 OR 200 transactions – 1/1/2019
Wisconsin – $100,000 OR 200 transactions – 10/1/2018
Wyoming – $100,000 OR 200 transactions – 7/1/2017
Monday, September 10, 2018 10:42:19 AM
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Good morning - per Joe, just a friendly reminder that CCL does not allow preorders on sales of new comics that are outside of our 1 week (or 7-day) window. This is why we add new comics to the CCL database one week before the release date.

For example, in your post above, you mentioned "Deep Discount Presale underway for Uncanny X-Men #1". The release date for Uncanny X-Men #1 is November 14th 2018. Any use of the CCL forums for the purpose of circumventing the established system isn't allowed even if it's directing customers to visit another store on another site to complete the transaction.

We appreciate your continued business on the site. Please note CCL has had this policy in place for years for both the buyer and seller's protection in the event of cancellations (and refunds) and publisher's changes as well as keeping an even-playing field for all sellers.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Steve Boyd

You can reach us by phone at (615) 264-4747 ext 103
and you can e-mail us at helpdesk@comiccollectorlive.com

Check out my official CCL YouTube show:SUPER MEGA COMIC ACTION NEWS AT MIDNIGHT!
Monday, September 10, 2018 11:40:25 AM
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So even though no transactions are taking place on CCL you want us to keep it TOP SECRET information from CCL members and our other customers at home we advertise thru here to. They have to wait until after Final Order Cutoff when it's too late to offer them extra low prices and adjust our order quanties accordingly. (Diamond has been accepting orders from us for Uncanny X #1 since Sept 1st or 75 days prior to in store date. Final Order Cutoff is 10/22/2018 or 23 days before in store date.) Existting store policy has been to accept Preorders and Subscriptions as soon as Diamond is allowing the orders to be placed. We even have some online buyers who use PayPal invoicing to break the payments up into partial payments over the period before the books arrive to ship and that's covered by PayPal Buyer Protection Policies. Some walk-in customers take the Preview Catologs (available 60-90 days ahead of in store date) we hand out and order right on the spot while they're here.

CCL does not allow preorders on sales of new comics that are outside of our 1 week (or 7-day) window. This is why we add new comics to the CCL database one week before the release date.

Just to be crystal clear. We can list a couple thousand copies of Return of Wolverine #1 Wednesday, 7 days before the release date on Preorder, but not last month when we could have gotten additional qty ordered to meet additional demand and now at a higher price than walk-in customers paid last month. (If we have a gauranteed sale and money up front you deserve a better price)

keeping an even-playing field for all sellers.

I'm not sure what that applies to since every seller with a Diamond account has the same opportunities to order the same books at the same or even greater discount levels. It's the individual stores choice wether to order or not order and wether to offer Preorders in store at great prices or not.

Makes me wonder if we're suppossed to keep it secret that our business is multi venue that maybe E-bay has a similar policy and we shouldn't be including business cards with the last 500 orders there directing people to come here? Think

Walk in traffic shouldn't be directed to come here either correct since we can't communicate directly to them? Don't Tell Anyone

60 to 90 days or so out, get a great, stupid even, price walking in the store.
30 days out get a great price at the auction place with PayPal Buyer Protection in place.
7 Days out pick from the left-overs at CCL. Sick

Saturday, October 27, 2018 12:29:54 PM
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Halloween Comicfest underway until 7PM tonight. Trick or treat bags with candy and extras for the kids, cookies, Free comics, samples, catalogs and more. Come in costume and take 20% Off most shelf stock.

Friday, November 09, 2018 9:44:00 AM
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Spent about 20% more this week on advertising than total sales on CCL last month. Maybe the ads will get a little attiention from new faces. Here's the small one.

Here's the larger one.
Friday, December 14, 2018 10:26:08 AM
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Individual States are already forcing businesses to collect, file and pay Sales Tax for the State the items are shipped to if we exceed 200 transactions in that State. More appear to be joining the list at various dates in 2019, many starting January 1st.

We direct ship to some customers out of State, we have other sales thru E-bay and have to juggle those numbers now along with individual transactions from comiccollectorlive also.

If we have total transcactions from all 3 sources combined anywhere close to what might add up to 200 by the end of the year, then some States we will have to deny sales to completely. (We might shut down Out of State shipping entirely if this gets too complicated except thru the auction site since they will be collecting and paying the Sales Tax to the individual States for us.)

To slow down reaching that point, please combine smaller purchases or delay placing them until you have at least 10 comics..

I'm sure there will be changes as the Sales Tax Laws continue to change and more States become involved.

PS; Feel free to communicate with the Congress people from your State and State representatives to try and get them to drop the 200 transaction part so nickel/dime sales from collectibles and cheap sales don't trigger the Sales tax Laws for small businesses.

PSS; Feel free to let CCL know you wouldn't mind a few simple improvements to the software to allow business that chose to collect the Sales Tax the ability to do so. I've detailed lists of small things elsewhere including a simple drop down box so the 50 States can have 50 different Sales tax % applied instead of the SINGLE option that is all we have now. There may be 50 different rates for 50 different States, maybe more since there's about 10,000 different Sales Tax Regions. Having the Sales Tax or additional fee's and State show up on the "Details" page when viewing the order would help also since that information isn't available to view unless we leave the page and look elsewhere to find out. Making it impossible to "check out" without paying the tax for your State as an option or just having them collect it themselves like E-bay does would be appreciated also. (Having to reinvoice you after the fact for Sales Tax incurs a Base Charge at PayPal and should count as a 2nd transaction for that State neither of which is desireable. It also can delay shipping.) 5% of what we're forced to collect goes to CCL in fee's anyway so the more we're forced to collect the more CCL makes. (5% of your Shipping Charges also)

Thursday, February 28, 2019 10:47:11 AM
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Finally, a win on the SALES TAX front. Texas will not be using a transaction count as near as I can tell.
Effective Date: January 1, 2019, but not enforced until October 1, 2019
Threshold: $500,000
Measurement Date: Preceding twelve calendar months
Includable Transactions: Gross revenue: including taxable, nontaxable, and tax-exempt sales
When You Need to Register Once You Exceed the Threshold: The first day of the fourth month after the month in which the seller exceeded the safe harbor threshold
Remote sellers that exceed Texas’ economic nexus threshold of sales into the state will be required to collect and remit sales tax, effective January 1, 2019 and enforced starting October 1, 2019. In October of 2018, the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts proposed to amend Texas Administrative Code rule §3.286 in response to the South Dakota v. Wayfair decision. The Texas Comptroller adopted the amendments, effective January 1, 2019.


Some more big States still to be heard from including Florida and New York. Nailbiting Pray
Thursday, February 28, 2019 10:51:43 AM
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New York Releases Guidance on Economic Nexus Threshold and Requirements for Remote Sellers
Effective Date: Effective immediately once you exceed the threshold
Threshold: $300,000 in sales of tangible personal property and more than 100 sales
Measurement Date: Immediately preceding four sales tax quarters
Includable Transactions: $300,000 gross tangible personal property sales


Just found the word "AND" Whew!

If you live in a State using the word "OR" please let your Representatives know you'd like it changed to "AND".

Friday, May 17, 2019 1:08:05 PM
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A reminder, Saturday is the yearly Homecoming Festival in the streets out front so parking will be impossible anywhere nearby as they block off the streets for bands, venders, facepainting, thousands of visitors, a tractor parade, etc..... If you need to pick up and don't want to fight the crowd's hit us up today or Sunday. If you do want to pick up, order today and let me know you'll be picking up tomorrow so it can be packed tonight and waiting for you.

If you're in the Blackstone area and get the newspaper delivered, next week you'll be getting a FREE copy of DC's Year of the Villain #1 Bamf Comics Variant!!!! Keep your eye's out for it. It's Poopoos first cover!!

We've gotten more Sales Tax updates in and Florida is the biggest State still waiting to be heard from. For now we're going to remove the 10 Item Minnimum although it may have to be reinstalled near the end of the year for some States and some may end up not serviced completely for the rest of the year to remain under those States Minnimums not to have to collect.

UPDATE: On May 3, 2019, Iowa removed its 200-sale threshold for remote sellers, marketplace facilitators, and referrers through new enacted legislation. With this change, remote sellers will only be subject to the $100,000 threshold. The change is effective July 1, 2019. (H.F. 779, Laws 2019, effective July 1, 2019)

Oklahoma Enacts Changes to Economic Nexus Provisions
Effective Date: November 1, 2019
Threshold: $100,000 in aggregate sales of TPP (for remote sellers only) excluding marketplace sales where marketplace collects tax

(Sounds like we don't have to add sales from E-bay into our calculations since E-Bay will be collecting the Sales Tax.)

Texas Authorizes State Comptroller to Establish Uniform Local Tax Rate for Remote Sellers
Texas has enacted legislation that authorizes the state comptroller to establish a single uniform tax rate for remote sellers to collect and remit local sales and use taxes. The legislation takes effect on October 1, 2019, the same date that the state’s economic nexus legislation will begin to be enforced. Remote sellers can opt into the uniform local tax rate established by the Comptroller instead of collecting and remitting taxes at the different rates imposed by the localities in which they make sales. A remote seller who elects to use the single local use tax rate must notify the comptroller of the election before using that rate. The election applies to all sales of taxable items made by the remote seller unless the remote seller revokes the election by notifying the comptroller. The rate will be determined annually based on the estimated average rate of local sales and use taxes imposed during the preceding state fiscal year by dividing the total amount of net local sales and use taxes remitted by the total amount of net state sales and use taxes remitted and rounding to the nearest quarter percent. The rate to be effective October 1 to December 31, 2019 will be 1.75%.
(If I'm reading this one correct it means we can elect to only charge one rate for all sales but we have notify them and that rate will change some year to year. With no Transaction count requirement Texas should be well above expected sales at $500,000 limit to qualify and easier to deal with if we do.)

Due to lessening of some of the key States requirements we dropped the minnimum order requirement for now although borderline states may end up barred entirely at the end of the year if they're getting close to the limits. We've structured the new shipping rates to encourage you to place less frequent larger orders to help avoid this.
Tuesday, December 03, 2019 9:49:55 AM
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Holiday Sale is still underway but we haven't decided how long it'll remain active yet. Take advantage while it lasts!!

Buy $30 or more (NOT COUNTING SHIPPING).

25% refunded as the order ships, usually in about an hour during the daylight hours.

Code Phrase must be messaged PRIOR to shipping!!!!

Code Phrase is


(Make sure the order doesn't contain any duplication of comics prior to 2018 and has at least 10 comics total in the order or the entire order will be cancelled and refunded just like always!!!!)

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