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1000 Books Added! 2099: Manifest Destiny #1 (1st Moon Knight 2099), Uncanny X-Men #221, Purgatori!

Sunday, August 16, 2020 11:42:50 AM
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After three months of not really listing anything new, I've got a small collection here I'm going to try and breeze through. Here is the first batch of titles with notables:

Action Comics (1938)
Adventures of Superman (1937)
Alpha Flight (1997)
Amazing Spider-Man (1963)
Anarky (1999) Full Series! SOLD!
Animal Man (1988)
Anthem (2006) Only Copies on CCL! SOLD!
Apache Skies (Full Series) SOLD!
Archaic #1 (Only Copy on CCL!) SOLD!
Area 52 (Full Series) SOLD!
Aria (Several Titles and One-Shots)
Astro City (Several Titles and One-Shots)
Avengers (1963) Huge Run! Including Some Mark Jewelers Copies (Check my MJ Store Shelf!)
Avengers (1998) Huge Run!
Avengers (Several Other Titles & One-Shots)
Backlash (Including Newsstand Price Variants!)
Ballistic (1995)
Batman (1940) #550 Variant--Only Copy on CCL!
Batman/Huntress: Cry For Blood (Full Series)
Batman: Gotham Knights
Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight
Batman: Outlaws (Full Series) SOLD!
Battle Pope (Robert Kirkman's Original Series! All Titles! Only Copies on CCL!) SOLD!
Black Mist (2007) Full Series! Only Copies on CCL! SOLD!
Booster Gold (2007)
Breakdown (Full Series) SOLD!
Brightest Day
Buckaroo Banzai (Moonstone! Several Titles!) SOLD!
Spider-Man: Swing Shift Director's Cut (Jackpot! Only Copy on CCL!)

Plus a few stragglers not mentioned here! Thanks for looking!

Friday, September 04, 2020 4:37:26 AM
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Huge update of nearly 1000 books just listed! Highlights are:

Captain America (1968) Including #384 Sears/JCPenney/Stridex Reprint Variant!
Captain America (1998) Near Full Series Listed!
Captain America Annual (1971)
Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty (Including #9 Falcon as Cap!)
Captain Atom (1987)
Catwoman (2002) #58 Adam Hughes Cover!
Chase (1998)
Checkmate (2006) Huge Run!
Children of the Grave (Full Series! Only Copies on CCL!)
Chimera (2003)
Clash (2007) #1 Only Copy on CCL! SOLD!
Clive Barker's The Harrowers
Cobb (Full Series!) SOLD!
Code of Honor (Full Series!) SOLD!
Codename: Stryke Force (Including Newsstand Variants!)
Confessional Special Edition nn (Only Copy on CCL!)
Connor Hawke: Dragon's Blood (Full Series!) SOLD!
Contest of Champions II (Full Series!)
Countdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer (All One-Shots!)
Creature From the Depths #1 (Only Copy on CCL!) SOLD!
Crisis Aftermath: The Battle for Bludhaven (Full Series!)
Crisis Aftermath: The Spectre
CrossGen Chronicles
Crux (Huge Run!) SOLD!
Curse of Dracula (Full Series!) SOLD!
Cyberforce (1992) Including Newsstand Variants!
Cyberforce (1993) Near Full Run!
Daredevil (1964)
Darkness (2002) Final Issues! Only Copies on CCL!
Day of Vengeance (Full Series!) SOLD!
DC 2000 (Full Series!)
DC One Million (Full Series!)
DC One Million 80-Page Giant (Another Alleged First Appearance of Batman Beyond! Only Copy on CCL!)
DC Versus Marvel/Marvel Versus DC #1 (2nd Printing) & #4 (DC Universe UPC Variant!)
DC/Marvel: All Access (Full Series!) SOLD!
DCU Heroes: Secret Files and Origins #1 (STARS & STRIPES First Preview Appearance! Only Copy on CCL!)
Death Comes to Dillinger (Full Series! Only Copies on CCL!) SOLD!
Defenders (1972)
Desperadoes (All Titles & One-Shots Listed!) SOLD!
Detective Comics (1937)
Detonator (2004) Only Full Set Listed on CCL! SOLD!
Devil's Reign (Full Series!) SOLD!
Digital Webbing Presents (Final Issues! Only Copies on CCL!) SOLD!
Doctor Strange (1974)
Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme (Huge Run! Including Final Issues!)
Doctor Strange: From the Marvel Vault #1 (Only Copy on CCL!) SOLD!
Doom 2099 (Nice Run!)
Dracula vs King Arthur (Only Full Set Listed on CCL!) SOLD!
Dreams of the Darkchylde
Evil Ernie in Sana Fe
Excalibur (2001)
Fade From Blue
Fear Effect: Retro Helix #1 (Only Copy on CCL!) SOLD!
Felon (Full Series!) SOLD!
Foolkiller (1990)
Forgotten (Only Set Listed on CCL!) SOLD!
Forgotten Realms (Most Titles Listed!) SOLD!
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man
Genesis (1997) Full Series!
Ghost (1995) Final Issues!
Ghost (1998) Final Issues!
Ghost Special #2 (Only Copy on CCL!)
Ghost/Batgirl (Full Series!) SOLD!
Global Frequency
Green Arrow (1988) Huge Run! Including Final Issues!
Green Arrow (2001)
Green Lantern (1990) Gigantic Run!!
Green Lantern vs Aliens (Full Series! Only Copies on CCL!)
Green Lantern (Numerous Other Titles & One-Shots!)
Grifter (1996) Including #14 Final Issue! Only Copy on CCL!
Hanged Man (Only Set on CCL!) SOLD!
Haunted Mansion (2005) #2 Rare Slave Labor Series! Only Copy on CCL!
Hawkman (2002) Huge Run!
Helen Killer (Only Set on CCL!) SOLD!
Hellcop (Full Series!) SOLD!
Hellraiser Nightbreed - Jihad (Only Set on CCL!)
Helmet of Fate (All One-Shots!)
Hepcats (1996)
Heroes for Hire (1997) Full Series!
Heroes for Hire (2006)
Heroes Reborn (Many Titles and One-Shots!)
Hiding in Time
Hokum & Hex (Including Final Issues!)
Honor of the Damned #1 (Only Copy on CCL!) SOLD!
Horsemen (Only Copies on CCL!) SOLD!
Hyperkind (Including Final Issues!)
Hyperkind: Unleashed #1 (Only Copy on CCL!) SOLD!
Identity Disc (Full Series!)
Incredible Hulk (1968)
Ion (Full Series!)
Iron Ghost (Full Series!) SOLD!
Iron Man: The Iron Age (Full Set) SOLD!
Weapon Zero #10 (Devil's Reign Interlude!) SOLD!

Plus more odds and ends not mentioned above....!

Thanks for looking!

Monday, September 21, 2020 2:56:18 AM
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Thundercron's Longbox is now reopen! Once again, many thanks to those who offered words of support during this time. It means a lot!

I've updated the lists above to reflect items that sold prior to having to shut down. Still lots of great stuff available!
Wednesday, September 23, 2020 3:27:43 AM
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Wasting no time getting more books listed! Over 500 books just uploaded! Here is a sampling of some of the books and titles I've added:

Ghastly Parables #1 (Only Copy on CCL!)
JLA (Several Titles & One-Shots!)
JSA (2000) Huge Run!
JSA: Classified (Large Run!)
Justice League (Several Titles & One-Shots!)
Lady Death II: Between Heaven & Hell (Full Series!)
Lady Pendragon (Several Titles & One-Shots!)
Last Blood (Only Copies on CCL!)
Lazarus Chronicles #1 (Only Copy on CCL!)
Legends of the DC Universe
Legion of Monsters: Morbius #1 (HOT!)
Little Gloomy (Several Titles & One-Shots! Only Copies on CCL!)
Living Corpse
Magdalena (Several Titles & One-Shots!)
Manhunter (2004)
Marc Spector: Moon Knight
Mark of Charon
Marlene #1 (Rare! Only Copy on CCL!)
Marvel 1602: Fantastick Four (Full Series!)
Marvel Fanfare (1996)
Marvel Knights (2000)
Marvel Universe: The End
Meridian (Nice Run!)
Midnight Nation
Monster War 2005 (Full Series!)
Mystic (Including #15 First Comic Appearance Harry Potter! Only Copy on CCL!) SOLD!
Negation (Nice Run! Several Titles & One-Shots!)
Nevada (Full Series!)
New Mutants (1983)
New Teen Titans (1980) Nice Run!
New Thunderbolts

As always, thanks for your support!
Thursday, October 15, 2020 3:03:44 AM
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Another HUGE update! Check some of this out!:

2099: Manifest Destiny#1 (First Appearance Moon Knight 2099! Only Copy on CCL!)
24: Cold Warriors (Only Copy on CCL!)
7 Days to Fame (Only Set Listed on CCL!)
Hiding in Time #3 (Straggler from #1 & 2 I listed last month!)
Mystique & Sabretooth (Full Series!)
New Titans (Huge Run! Including #99 First Arsenal!)
Nick Fury's Howling Commandos
Nightwing (1996)
Nomad (1992)
OMAC Project (Full Series!)
Outsiders (2003)
Oz/Wonderland Chronicles #1 & 2 (Only Copies on CCL!)
OzF5: Gale Force #1 (Only Copy on CCL!)
Painkiller Jane (Several Titles!)
Paradox (2005) Only Copies on CCL!
Parts Unknown (Several Titles!)
Pistolfist: Revolutionary Warrior (2006) #1 (Only Copy on CCL!)
Plan 9 From Outer Space #1 (Only Copy on CCL!)
Power Man and Iron Fist (1978) Including #66, 78, & 84 (2nd, 3rd, & 4th App. Sabretooth!)
Purgatori (Several Titles, One-Shots, & Minis! Many Found Nowhere Else On CCL!)
Question (1987) Including #36 Final Issue!
Quicksilver (Full Series!)
Razorline: The First Cut #1 (First Ectokid! HOT!)
Resurrection Man (1997) Near Full Series!
Return of the Super Pimps (Only Copies on CCL!)
Robin (1993)
Ruse (2001)
Saint Sinner
Salem St. James, Illusions of the Past (Only Copies on CCL!)
Savage Dragon/Destroyer Duck #1 (Only Copy on CCL!) SOLD!
Scatterbrain (2006) Only Set on CCL!
Scion (Huge Run!)
Secret Defenders
Secret Wars II (SOLD!)
Section Zero
Shadowpact (Full Series!)
Shattered Image
Shockrockets (Full Series!)
Sigil (2000) (Huge Run!)
Silver Surfer (Several Titles and One-Shots!)
Sojourn (2001) (Nice Run!)
Sovereign Seven
Special EDucation #1 (Only Copy on CCL!)
Spectacular Spider-Man (1976)
Spectacular Spider-Man Annual
Spider-Man (1990)
Spider-Man Team-Up
Stormbringers #1 (Only Copy on CCL!)
StormWatch (1993)
Strange Tales (1987)
Stryke Force
Suicide Squad (2001)
Supergirl (1996) HUGE Run!
Superman (1939)
Superman (1987)
Supernatural: Origins (Full Set! Only Copies on CCL!)
Supernatural: Rising Son (Full Set! Only Copies on CCL!)
Super-Villain Team-Up
Tales of Penance: Trial of the Century #1 & 2 (Only Copies on CCL!)
Tales of the Sinestro Corps
Tales of the Unexpected (2006)
Team 14 #1 (Only Copy on CCL!)
Teen Titans (1996) Near Full Series!
The Won't Stay Dead! nn (Only Copy on CCL!)
Thunderbolts (1997) Gigantic Run!
Time Breakers (Only Full Set on CCL!)
Tomb Raider: The Series #47 & 48 Adam Hughes Covers!
True Tales of the Roller Derby #1 (Only Copy on CCL!)
Twilight Girl (Only Set on CCL!)
Uncanny X-Men (1981) Including #221 First Mr. Sinister! SOLD!
Uncanny X-Men Annual (1970)
Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters (Full Series!)
Unlimited Access (Full Series!)
Venture (2003) Only Set on CCL!
Voodoo (1997) Adam Hughes! Only Set on CCL! SOLD!
Way of the Rat
Werewolf by Night (1998)
West Coast Avengers (1984) Full Set!
West Coast Avengers (1985) Huge Run!
What If....?
WildC.A.T.s (Several Titles!)
Witch Hunter #1 (Only Copy on CCL!)
Witchblade (1995)
Wolverine (1988)
Wolverine (2003)
Wynonna Earp (1996) First Appearance! Only Set on CCL!
X-Factor (1986)

Have fun digging! As always, thanks for your continued support!

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