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Saturday, December 15, 2012 4:44:36 PM
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I've been enjoying the new Valiant line since it launched earlier this year Daydreaming. I'm currently reading X-O Manowar, Archer & Armstrong, Bloodshot, Harbinger, and Shadowman. I hope others out there share my enthusiasm for each of the storylines and wanted to chat about events that are currently taking place in the Valiant Universe, like the fan favorite next to X-O Manowar, Archer & Armstrong.

Oh...and for readers that hate spoilers, I hope others including myself include them in here, so readers proceed with a bit of caution.Big Grin

Now Archer & Armstrong seems to be a fan favorite among the Valiant community Big Hug and after reading the first 5 issues, it definitely is an entertaining ride. The art is, as the rest of the books being released by Valiant, are amazing. Very detailed fight scenes and great writing. The story opens up to 3 brothers known as the Anni-Padda. Their names are Ivar, Gilad, and Aram and take control of a very powerful weapon the Boon from a land known as the Faraway, nice name right? I mean, keep it simple…haha, any ways, Gilad dies during this journey resulting in Ivar activating the Boon in hopes of bringing his fallen brother back. The explosion from the Boon decimates most of the ancient world.Anxious

Modern day Aram is now known as Armstrong, an immortal, wondering the earth. He took it upon himself to take the Boon, break it up into 6 pieces, and disperse these pieces around the world in hopes that they would never be found.

The Boon Pieces
1. the Torque
2. the Wedge
3. the Axel
4. the Sphere
5. the Fulcrum
6. the Inclined Plane

Our other main character Obadiah Archer has been raised by a Sect and trained for one mission only, to hunt down and kill He Who Should Not Be Named, AKA Armstrong. However, along the way he finds that his own adopted parents have been using him, like his other brother’s and sister’s for their own ends Boo Hoo!. The two have teamed up and even though they do not understand each other, seem to work pretty well together, especially in combat situations.

The Sect kept the one mystical man called the Geomancer, the keeper of incredible powers, as a prisoner. During the raid by Archer & Armstrong in Issue #4, the Geomancer is killed. Actually, he is killed after the raid is over, kind of funny and sad at the same time. Mainly funny because of the way Armstrong reacted after the stone slab dropped on the Geomancer Rolling on the Floor! Any ways, the Geomancer has always had a protector throughout time. Taking the book of the Geomancer, Archer & Armstrong immediately take off in search of the successor, the only one that can appease this protector, the fist and steel” of the Geomancer. Issue #5 enters Armstrong’s brother, The Eternal Warrior Cool because he has sworn to avenge the Geomancer’s death. And he believes that Archer is responsible for the Geomancer’s death.

So yeah, there you go and yes I didn't go into a lot of detail so get off your butt and read the series! If you have love or hate for the happenings taking place in the storyline, please do post, if not, then it'll be just be me posting Wall, to myself Loser, for myself Loser...

Monday, December 31, 2012 10:00:02 PM
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So with issue #5 we see the Eternal Warrior and how he fits into the storyline with Archer & Armstrong. Apparantly Armstrong is legitimately jittery about running into his brother. We see both of them in China protecting the current Geomancer during 210 B.C. Gilad (Eternal Warrior) and Aram (Armstrong) are fighting off a hoard of Chinese led by Emperor Qin. Armstrong unfortunately lets his guard down and the Geomancer is killed. Gilad goes crazy and hacks everyone down.

Then during the present Armstrong engages the Eternal Warrior in a crazy ass chase/fight scene lasting most of the book. Long story short, Armstrong goes down and Archer is left to defend himself against the Eternal Warrior. However Archer scores one for the team and directs Gilad's anger and rage with aikido, landing Gilad into a container where Archer lockes the doors. He apologizes to Gilad, "My Apologies, Mr. Gilad" and then states to him that "I know I couldn't beat you, anyway." The fight ends for now...and both parties are off.

This was a fast paced, action packed, multi timelined read with a bit of character building for our Mr. Gilad or as he is called, the Eternal Warrior. Though for the Eternal Warrior the years of bloodshed defending his oath to protect the each and every Geomancer seems to have made him into a meat head so to speak. Hit first, don't care, don't ask questions later...not sure how fun this guy will be as I've seen it before and well, gets tiresome after a while, like the whiny Crying b!tch in Harbinger...thankfully he is becoming less whiny!
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