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New DC & Marvel Arrivals for 2/13/13 Posted New Silver & Bronze Age New Issues as Low as 99&

Thursday, February 14, 2013 6:47:36 PM
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We currently post our collectibles on three major web-sites and offer different items on each. We have posted our direct links to each site below if you would like to peruse other items we currently have listed. Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

We offer New Arrival Comic Books weekly as low as 99¢ each regardless of cover price on Comic Collector Live!

Comic Collector Live:



Pee Wee Comics & Collectibles

No More limits for any comic book purchased! We have listened to our customers and have now done away with any limit on the amount of comic books, whether you purchase a single issue or wish to buy ten issues of the same number; we have done away with the restrictions(please disregard any notices that limits the amount of comics that can be purchased). This will now reward those who frequent our shop and or check back with us often and we thank you for the business. We only ask that you please adhere to our shipping tiers so we can make each transaction as smooth as possible. If you need any clarification on any shipping, please drop us a line and we’ll respond promptly. Example of this challenge would be: 15-20 issues of DC Comics Presents 100 Page Spectacular would not fit into a envelope so the boxed shipping would have to be chosen.

1,000s Of Comics From 2003-Current Discounted As Low As 49¢ Each

We offer new comics at 50-75% off the cover price as our daily pricing. This discount is more than we actually receive for ordering the comics through our distributor. These comics will be in at least VF/NM to NM/unused and non-shelved condition, just like every comic we post monthly. These comics will be no different or in less condition than any of our stock already posted for sale or sold in the past. Therefore bags and boards will not be included with our comics when shipped.

If condition is of utmost importance we strongly suggest you use the priority mail boxed shipping option and not the priority mail flat rate envelope option. The post office has informed us we can no longer ship comic books via media mail and would be in violation of their rules and regulations. We cannot offer these low prices and absorb the additional costs of shipping boxed and or bag and boards. We do offer bag and board combos for a small additional fee.

Please note that since we deal with tens of thousands of items every day, outages will unfortunately occur. While we hope these occurrences are far and few they are part of doing business. We lose money on most items we post on CCL and do try and sell items elsewhere. When we do sell out we try and delete the current listings in a timely manner, but shortages will happen. Please post a small message with your order should you want us to cancel the order if we cannot pull the order in its entirety.

To keep our comic books at the lowest prices on the Web, we do not sleeve our comics are for transport. Anyone who wishes to have the comics bag and boarded, we will now add the option for 15¢ per comic. We will add a new shipping field to include this option.

New shipping terms:
The post office has now officially informed us that we may no longer ship comic books and or related material that have any type of advertising present within its pages, by way of media mail. The post office issued us a formal letter stating shipping comic books goes against their shipping policies and the post office will bar us from using their services should it happen again. We have removed the media mail selection. Most comics will ship by way of priority mail, which we will absorb some of the cost, but unfortunately shipping costs will now be higher due to our low posted pricing on new comics. We do apologize for any inconvenience but in order to continue to keep our new comic pricing very low and to able to still ship comic books across the country, we will have to abide to the post office policy. We appreciate your understanding the matter. We will still offer free shipping plateaus based on spending amounts.

Condition report: It has become an ongoing challenge with UPS to have our comics arrive in conditions that would still be a grade to sell. Packages are so damaged upon arrival, we cringe when opening the boxes to see the damage. These past 2 weeks saw most of our shipments damaged and replacements were promised. As a result we are offering many Marvel and DC New Arrivals this week at only 99¢ each, regardless of cover price. Most titles will be posted by Thursday night). Conditions are VF/NM with the most damage in the form of large corner dings. Please limit 1 copy per order for the 1st week so we may offer this special pricing to as many customers as possible.

Please note: many of the New Arrivals we just posted are graded at VF/NM condition. We feel most comics would grade at a better NM- to NM, we have had some complaints about our grading scale. We have elected to downgrade our New Comics to reflect this change. Anyone who has purchased from us before will find the new comics in the same condition as previous orders and thank all for their patience.

Hello, yes we would absolutely accept your money order(please no checks) as alternative form of payment and can only ship to USA mailing addresses! We just ask to please have payment made within five days of order posting/completion. Please make money orders payable only to Charles Pira and mail payment directly to Charles Pira 28925 Timberlane St Agoura Hills CA 91301. Please make payment only in the name of Charles Pira. We cannot deposit the money order under any other name and please remember to add sales tax and shipping fees where needed. Thank you!

Thank you


Please note: we have had some negative comments on our grading scale of the new arrivals. In these last few months we have seen a major decline in the handling of our comics, both from the packing at Diamond Comic Dist. hubs to shipping & handling from UPS. Many comics come in damaged in the form of edge, corner wear and spine stressor wear. UPS places the boxes on the ends so the comics are crushed under the weight. There are times we cannot replace the copies so we forced sell them as is. Near Mint- will often reflect these defects on the comics. If anyone is strict on their grading and would like Near Mint or better condition for these comics, we would advise not to purchase from us. Everyone who has purchased comics from us in the past two years already knows the conditions of our comics and will continue to receive comics in the same grade. We do not bag and board our comics to help keep costs of free shipping and the low pricing of our New Comics.

We are always buying collectible and old stuff! Check out our "flyer" at the bottom of this posting.

Please Note: Most comic books will be discounted, while trades and graphic novels will not. Should you come across any trades and or graphic novels at 99¢, these most likely be a pricing error and not subject to the sale price of 99¢.


We are always looking to buy most anything that is related to Comic books, movies, TV series or action figure/Toy lines from the years 1930s to the 1980s. We have posted a small list of some of the items we are always looking to buy. The larger the collection the better.

Hot Wheels, toys, Action figures, Star Wars, Star Trek, Mego Dolls, GI Joe big and small, Transformers, Sfi Fi, posters, magazines, non sport trading card(no sport trading cards), Disney, original artwork of anything posted here, all model kits through the 1970s(unbuilt), movie or TV related memorabilia and much more!

Thank you all for your support these past years as you have helped us grow our comic business to reach another level.


We buy and pay cash for the following items from the 1930s through the 1980s.

Comic books, toys, action figures, non sport trading cards(Star Trek, Mars Attacks, Wacky Packages etc...), posters, Transformers, GI Joe 12 inch(large) and 3 3/4"(small), Micronauts, Captain Action, Super-Hero anything, Planet of the Apes, , Hot Wheels, Marx, Timpo, Disney, Original Artwork, Movie posters, Horror, Universal Monsters, Movie & TV related memorabilia, Star Wars, Star Trek, Most any super-hero, fantasy and Science Fiction related items, posters, lunch boxes, Tin toys and tin wind up toys, model kits, and much more.

818-522-4969, 818-707-3549. pwee3@roadrunner.com

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