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Star Wars: Premiere Unlimited numbering conventions

Tuesday, December 31, 2013 10:04:15 PM
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What convention is being used to sort the cards in this set? And what rules are being used to ensure they are sorted by CCL standards? I am having difficulty finding the standards used to organize these sets.

Personally, I simply organize my own collection alphabetically by side (light then dark), but I doubt this would work for most other serious collectors and I am certain that there is a more refined way of organizing them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014 1:05:05 AM
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I'm really not certain what you're talking about. Can you explain, please?
Wednesday, January 01, 2014 1:02:35 PM
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Loganfifty -

They are sorted by the method used on the old Decipher site - First sorted alpha by Dark/Light, then sorted alpha by card type, then alpha. I would take a rip of the site every time a new card set was released. Good thing I did because they yanked everything once they lost the license. Since there is no card numbering, that's the method used.

Per the CCL CCG / Gaming Card Guidelines:
Number / Non-Number:
1. "Issue numbers" on cards work the same as a comic if they are numbered. If they are not numbered, please enter them in alphabetical order based on the card title. CCG/Gaming cards may also be separated by type of card if not numbered. If this is the case, please sort the cards alphabetically by type and then alphabetically by card title for entry.

Any questions - let me know. I'm the one who added all of the SW Decipher CCG's.

Please note that the card type is listed in the Story Arc field and is one of the following:
DSW: Admiral's Orders
DSW: Character - Alien
DSW: Character - Dark Jedi Master
DSW: Character - Darth Maul
DSW: Character - Droid
DSW: Character - Imperial
DSW: Character - Jedi Master
DSW: Character - Rebel
DSW: Character - Republic
DSW: Creature
DSW: Dark
DSW: Defensive Shield
DSW: Device
DSW: Effect
DSW: Effect - Immediate
DSW: Effect - Mobile
DSW: Effect - Political
DSW: Effect - Starting
DSW: Effect - Utinni
DSW: Epic Event
DSW: Game Aid
DSW: Interrupt - Lost
DSW: Interrupt - Lost or Starting
DSW: Interrupt - Used
DSW: Interrupt - Used or Lost
DSW: Interrupt - Used or Starting
DSW: Jedi Test
DSW: Light
DSW: Location - Sector
DSW: Location - Site
DSW: Location - System
DSW: Objective
DSW: Podracer
DSW: Starship - Capital
DSW: Starship - Squadron
DSW: Starship - Starfighter
DSW: Vehicle - Combat
DSW: Vehicle - Creature
DSW: Vehicle - Shuttle
DSW: Vehicle - Transport
DSW: Weapon - Artillery
DSW: Weapon - Automated
DSW: Weapon - Character
DSW: Weapon - Death Star
DSW: Weapon - Starship
DSW: Weapon - Vehicle
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