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Sunday, March 23, 2014 6:21:03 PM
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Hello, Ive been looking at all the options out there for databasing my comic book collection, from what I have seen from the free month I like this software however I still have a few questions before I start entering all my comics.

Some of these may be possible or may be on a list of things to do but Ive just started exploring this program so I apologize if any of these are dumb questions.

1.) android compatibility... is it possible to link your phone to your computer database so you can have easy access to what you need when your at the store.... nothing annoys me more then not remembering if you have a comic or not when your out of town at a store.

2.) Along the lines of the above, I saw some other programs you can use your phone to scan the barcode for quick entering of comics into your database... this would be convenient when I enter my hundreds of comics the first time... after that its not a big deal but figured Id ask if it was possible somewhere.

3.) Values... any plans to add the ability to automatically value your comics/collection?

Sunday, March 23, 2014 7:39:56 PM
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Hey there. I'll try me best to answer your questions. I've been using the software for years to manage my collection. While there are definitely some room for improvement, I haven't found anything else even close to this good. I will say that the owners/developers have told us that they have something in the pipeline as far as updates/overhaul, but we don't know completely what that will be yet. In the meantime, here are the answers to your questions as best as I can give them:

1) There is an android app. It does not sync with your collection, but it will load your wish list, so if you keep that up to date, you can have access on the go to what you're missing. The app was developed by one of the members and I don't know how much support it gets from the company in the way of updates.

2) There is no barcode scanner function available at this time. This makes the initial adding of your collection a hassle, but after that, it's not bad from week to week.

3) CCL has said that they have no plans or interest in adding a price guide function, if that's what your asking. You can manually input your own values and the software will then keep track of that for your collection.
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Tuesday, April 01, 2014 7:20:13 AM
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Airoge wrote:
3.) Values... any plans to add the ability to automatically value your comics/collection?


This would be a very useful feature indeed.
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