Saga of the Swamp Thing

Hard Cover by Vertigo
(6 issues, 6 covers) - JAN 2009 to JAN 2011
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Jan 2009
Jan 2011

Title Bio

*From 1983 through 1987, a young British writer named Alan Moore revolutionized the American comic book. His ground-breaking tenure on DC Comics' Swamp Thing set new standards for graphic storytelling and touched off a revolution in the medium that is still expanding today. Building on the title's framework of gothic horror with a remarkably intuitive narrative style and an unprecedented depth of characterization, Moore's vision was realized through the hauntingly beautiful artwork of such collaborators as Stephen Bissette, John Totleben, Dan Day and Rick Veitch. The result is one of comics' most enduring masterpieces.

Now, for the first time, Moore's entire run--including his never-before-reprinted debut issue--is available in archival hardcover editions. *Source: Dust Jacket of Volume 1

Title Data

Title:Saga of the Swamp Thing
Type:Hard Cover
Key Pub.:Vertigo
Caption:Vertigo / DC 2009 - Current


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