Hal and Ollie Bust A Cult
Review for Green Lantern (1960) 84-A

Comic Book by DC, Jul 01 1971
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January 27, 2009

Hal and Ollie Bust A Cult

Dennis O'Neil (writer) and Neal Adams (penciler) don't tread lightly when it comes to tackling issues of the day in their run on Green Lantern/Green Arrow. During their time on the title they address the issues of racism, child abuse, cult followings, and more! Seems simple enough today, but back in the 70's comics had never seen this type of raw expression before in comics.

In this issue O'Neil and Adams take on the problem of cults/corporate power and the brainwashing that is connected to both. Hal Jordan must use his power ring to save an island community from certain disaster while Oliver Queen hangs out in his new pad... reading. Anyway, the island's populace is being mind controlled by someone evil and Hal doesn't realize this until it's too late...

Sure, the series is complete with cheesey 70's slang and campy dialogue, but for a late Silver Age comic, this comic is bad ass. O'Neil/Adams have a fantastic run on the book!


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