Total mixed bag
Review for Star Wars: A Long Time Ago... 6-A

Graphic Novel / Trade by Dark Horse, May 01 2003
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June 30, 2008

Total mixed bag

I think a big part of the fun in the earlier volumes of this series was the writers uncertainty of where the overall story was going and also Carmine Infantino's artwork, which I found amazing.

The scripts in this volume, which is all post Return of the Jedi, are mostly by Jo Duffy. Sometimes they work. A lot of times they are just goofy. I'm finding the issues that deal with Alliance politics or the Wookie homeworld to be great, fun reads. The ones that deal with alien races or worlds never seen outside of this series are less than entertaining.

Like the writing, the art is all over the place in this volume. Unlike the writing, it can't be attributed to one person. The pencilers here include Ron Frenz, Bob McLeod, David Mazzucchelli, Tom Palmer, Bret Blevins, Sal Buscema and to my surprise, Jan Duursema on an issue. Jan is the current penciler of Star Wars: Legacy. I had no idea she was drawing in the early/mid 80s. Another interesting bit about the art was the coloring towards the end. I noticed it was becoming "unique" and unfortunately inconsistent. An interesting collection of a strange take on the Star Wars universe.


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