These Top 4 Benefits of Chatbots for Travel Industry Can Take Customer Experience to the Next Level

Though AI is still in its infancy, it is promising a great set of benefits for its early adopters. The travel industry can be one of them. Kayak, Skyscanner, Expedia, and Cheapflights are some of the leading travel fare aggregators who already reaped the fruit of chatbots. You can see below how Kayak’s Chatbot on Messenger and Skyscanner’schatbot on Skype work:

On the other hand, considering the demand for chatbot’s most of the mobile app development companies today widened their service portfolio with Chabot development.

What made all these fare aggregators and mobile app developers think about chatbots? Yes, there are many exciting reasons that make“chatbots” an essential-to-have for any travel company. Let’s see:

Top 4 Benefits of Chatbots for Travel Industry

As a New Digital Touchpoint

Today it is a requisite for any business to think out of the box or go digital to enhance the customer experience as it plays a key role in turning visitors into customers and customers into loyal customers. The travel industry is not an exception for that. The Chatbots emerged as a new digital medium for the travel industry to delight customers. Since it’s easy to interact, 24/7, and language independent, it makes it easier for travelers to resolve their queries or concern at any point in time. Chatbots also lower cost burden by being agile to get more work done in less time.

Personalized customer experience Since chatbots are powered by machine learning, they can learn customers based on the previous interactions (or bookings) they had/made with them, so it can intelligently understand their mood, and accordingly put forward latest offers. It can have a complete responsibility around the trip of a specific individual, from pre-arrival to the post-trip experience. This can span the following facilities:

Providing them with multiple options to book their holidays

Sending out automated reminders to travelers about the booked trip regarding its date and time

Suggesting hotels, spa treatments, and transport facilities once reaching the destination in case these were not booked before Interacting with the guest post-trip to get feedback on their overall journey

Cross-sell and Upsell Opportunities Cross-sell and Upsell are two of the most effective ways to maximize revenue. Instead of assigning your human resource to do the same task, let Chatbot get more done in less time.

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Quick Access to Customer Data for Personalized Service Having quick access to voluminous data and extracting the required information from it within a fraction of seconds is another prime advantage of chatbots. As I mentioned above, they can read the records that are made throughout the customer journey, so they can offer intelligent personalized offers according to customers’ preferences. All the hotel chatbots are integrated with the hotel’s PMS (Property Management Systems), which helps bots align PMS with the customers’ preferences.

Conclusion: In fact, chatbots are still going under the nurturement, but it has a huge potential for businesses who think about achieving a competitive advantage. A research conducted by a major marketing company revealed that 92% of millennials are pleased with live chat and 23% are predicted to travel and spend $1.4 trillion by 2020. But to leverage the full potential of bots, make sure you have good bot developed. In case if you’re thinking to develop a chatbot, collaborate with only an experienced chatbot or mobile app development company who possesses the proven experience and can get it done reliably.

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