Some services providing by the government of Abu Dhabi through the mobile apps.

The Abu Dhabi government is providing mobile app services for the people living in Abu Dhabi. In this digital generation, [url=]mobile app development[/url] is getting easier and quicker as we expect. Here are the most rated and useful apps which going to help you in Abu Dhabi to make an easy living. 1. Abu Dhabi Police: Abu Dhabi Police was first mounted by Ruler of Abu Dhabi Emirate late Sheikh Shakhbout bin Sultan Al Nahyan who believed in building government institutions that could lead Abu Dhabi toward improvement and development in a strong secure environment ruled by the rule of law. They are hoping to remain in Abu Dhabi as one of the safety societies of the world by providing high security and services to the people who live in Abu Dhabi. 2. Department of Education and Knowledge: The first preference of most governments gives to Education. Abu Dhabi government is stepping forward towards providing the education and knowledge by starting the services since 2005. Abu Dhabi is providing a world-class education system that supports all learners in reaching their full potential to compete in the global market. 3. Department of Health (DOH): After the quick [url=]mobile app development company Abu Dhabi[/url], many health organisations are allowing their patients to interact through the mobile app. Abu Dhabi government also giving health care through the mobile app. DOH defines the strategy for the health system, monitors and analyses the health status of the population and the performance of te system. DOH, is additionally running programs to increase awareness of healthy living standards among the citizens of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. 4. Abu Dhabi Media: Abu Dhabi Media forms partnerships with global-leading media companies to enhance its market domestically and across the world. Together with universal music organization and Sony music entertainment, it released "VEVO" - the region’s leading premium music, video and entertainment and through imagination Abu Dhabi, it partnered with international-class producers which include Parkes/MacDonald, Hyde Park, in addition to the Media Development Authority Singapore". 5. Smart Solutions & Services Authority (ADSSSA): Abu Dhabi Smart Solutions & Services Authority helps in providing government services through the smart systems. This app will assist all categories of customers for all the government service sectors. There are many services which are provided by this app. strategic plans and initiatives, general policies, the operational support provided by the government, the integration of information and communication technologies and many more.

And many more services provided by the Abu Dhabi Government such as Housing Authority, Retirement and pension, Transport, Culture and tourism, National Rehabilitation Centre, Judicial Department are really helpful and the best on the go. [url=]App development Abu Dhabi[/url] has changed the way we live, and the way we get services in Abu Dhabi. These services by the government of Abu Dhabi is making a difference in people and the people are really happy about it, what do you feel about it?

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August 07, 2018


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