Best practices to consider before launching your app.

Main aim of any mobile app development company is to build apps that attract as many new users as possible. App engagement refers to a set of metrics that measure user interaction with an app whereas user retention can be described as the ability of your product to keep customers using it. Thus user retention and app engagement are the two most important factors to be considered for app success. These two metrics will help you in knowing loyal and engagement of users with your app. Accomplishing sufficient app engagement and user retention is a difficult task to achieve. Keeping users engaged and ensuring repeated usage is the main objective for those who are concerned with user conversions and monetization.

Below listed are few strategies you can consider before launching your app for positive impact retention and user engagement.

Easy user onboarding: Onboarding is one of the most important factor to be considered while developing an app and has lot to do with user retention. The more complexity in starting using the app, the more likely is the users discontinue using it. This may include too many steps to sign-up, complex features and navigation. Users should benefit from your application and they will find it easier if your app offer them easy signing up with their social media accounts. Hence make sure that you make an app such that it is easy for any users to start using it.

Push notifications: Including push notifications as a part of engagement strategy will increase user retention. These are sent from the application backend to the user interface and are great way to remind your users about your product outside the app. While implementing push notification as an option make sure that you provide an option of turning them off so that users can have control over the app and avoid them from leaving your app.

Personalization: Mobile personalization is an important factor for engaging user in application. Including users name and in-app messaging will personalize user experience with your app. Also improve user experiences by sending notifications based on user’s behavior patterns and previous searches. Knowing user’s needs and preferences will help in displaying relevant content and material in the app. personalized content and insights deliver real value to the users.

Using incentives: Offering incentives is an effective way of encouraging users to return to your app. It helps to drive engagement and retention by using rewards, specialized content, promo codes, special promotions and other offers. But it depends on the nature of the application. If its paid application, offer can be limited time discount and if the application is free, incentives can be usage based rewards like points, badges, trophies or bonuses.

Feedbacks: Encouraging users to provide their feedback about your app results in long-term bond between you and your customer. Asking users feedback will make them think that their input may result in an app that they want it to function and prevents from getting negative review on the app stores since they are given an opportunity to give their feedback and sharing their difficulties in using the app. Responding or answering to the users queries will boost user engagement and retention rates.

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Increasing app engagement and user retention will convert users to loyal and will help in increasing average lifetime value (LTV) and generate more revenue to your app. Above mentioned practices will help you in driving user engagement and retention. You can make your users enjoy your app and generate high revenue by hiring a best mobile app development company and for this you can reach FuGenX. FuGenX has been awarded as the best mobile app development company in Bangalore, India. The uniqueness of FuGenX lies in offering its clients high scalable and most cost efficient app development solutions which fit best to their business needs.

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January 31, 2019


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