WhatsApp recent updates: 5 latest changes and why they are important

As we all know, WhatsApp is the most generally used and very popular freeware and cross-platform messaging and voice over IP (VoIP) service owned by Facebook, and it has received a number of new updates in recent times. WhatsApp is popular with end users who don’t have unlimited text messaging especially. If you are planning a messaging app like WhatsApp app, top mobile Apps Development Company Dubai can be your perfect choice.

The main reasons for this growing popularity are its simple UI and new features that it includes frequently. We are continually watching out for the most recent WhatsApp updates news and features. Here are some of the new features that have been incorporated into the app.

Know which messages were forwarded to you WhatsApp will now demonstrate which messages you receive been forwarded to you, rather than originally typed by the sender. A light-colored italicized fonts, “forwarded” appears under the sender’s name and above the message. This feature guarantees that users are known about the spam content which is passed on them, eliminating the wide spread of fake news that has turned into a major issue for the platform.

Hide embarrassing photos from the Gallery Sometimes you don’t need the pictures you receive from specific users ending up in your phones’ gallery. This new feature enables you to hide media from particular conversations and keep them from appearing in your phone’s gallery. But it is not possible to do this in every conversation at once, so you need to manually activate the feature for each conversion you would like it to apply. This feature applies not to the previously shared videos or images, but it applies only to the newly shared media. Simply tap on an individual or group chat you would like to activate the feature for, you will then see a media visibility option and will ask whether you want to download media from the chat to be saved to your phone gallery - if you don’t see it, try updating your app.

WhatsApp Group Call If you want to speak with your friends or family members to plan a trip, then this feature will benefit you. This feature will allow you to chat on audio and video with multiple members of groups at the same time. You should simply begin a video call and during the call, a small symbol is visible on the top right corner of the screen from where you can add more people in the specific all.

The much anticipated feature is the most essential addition of bringing the Facebook-owned chat app to the level of other video calling applications like Skype or Google Duo.

Download Delete Media files As per this new feature, WhatsApp is currently enabling its users to download old media files again, which they might have deleted from their phones before. If, the media file got deleted from the file explorer or gallery, then this feature works best in retrieving that, but in any case, if the media file is deleted from whatsApp, then it cannot be retrieved again. However, the media files are said to be stored on WhatsApp’s server for up to 30 days, the post which they are deleted.

More time to delete sent messages The latest update of this app, include this small innovation. WhatsApp has extended the time frame in which you can delete a sent message to more than 60 minutes. Since the delete for everyone feature was introduced in last year, a sent message couldn’t be erased following 7 minutes. Now you have more time to be able to delete all the messages you sent in chat that un-attentive message has been extended to 68 minutes and 16 seconds to be exact.

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October 03, 2018


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