Rogue Knight
Review for Justice League (2018) 24-B

Comic Book by DC, Jul 01 2019
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May 21, 2019

Rogue Knight

With the weight of the Multiverse on his shoulders, Batman made an impossible choice. In order for justice to prevail, Batman caused the death of his best friend: Superman. But how will the rest of the Justice League respond? And how does Batman plan on convincing them that the path laid out to them by the World Forger is the right one?

(Spoilers Incoming)

Despite the World Forger’s hope, Superman is not dead. While Batman did remove the suns surrounding him, the Man of Steel is using every bit of his strength to press on and try to find a way out. Elsewhere, in space, the Justice League and the Legion of Doom are being chased down by the guards of the prison planet. The League offers to help them fight off the guards, but Sinestro refuses, telling them that if they try to fight right now, they’ll die. He then apologizes and says that he never could have imagined what Luthor or Batman would become. Their ship is then contacted by the evil Lois, telling them that soon, the fight will be over.

Back on Earth, Batman and the World Forger discuss the next move. The World Forger brings Batman to a door, leading into Batman’s throne room, which contains “the greatest seat of power in existence.” The Forger reveals that this is where Batman determines who sides with Justice and who doesn’t and is where he will build his final Batsuit that can rewrite a person cell by cell. At that moment, Batman realizes that the rest of the Justice League never agreed to side with him, so he brainwashed them. However, before the two can make any sort of move, an explosion rocks the building.

Back in space, the Legion’s ship is under heavy fire. The situation is so bleak that Darkseid recommends putting the League in the ship’s cannon and firing them at a portal to escape. Sinestro tells the League that Batman will be their greatest enemy once they get back to Earth, and that the Legion has a mole on the inside. The heroes and villains thank each other and say their goodbyes, and Darkseid fires them into the portal. Sinestro grabs the controls of the ship and rams it full-speed into Lois’ ship, presumably killing all of them. The League arrives back on Earth but is immediately stopped by the Forger’s Justice League. It is revealed that Jarro was the mole on the inside, but the damage he did was repaired. Another explosion goes off, this time knocking the League back. From the smoke, a giant robotic Batsuit emerges and tells the League, “It’s time to imagine a different ending.”

So, it looks like, for the time being, Batman has completely gone off the rails. However, I don’t think this is the wrong move to make. Batman has always wanted to end crime and suffering, and this is his chance to finally make that a reality. I loved seeing the Legion and the League working together, even if it was brief. Clearly, Superman isn’t dead. I’m sure that he’ll fly in at the last second and be the one who turns Batman back to the League’s side. However, for now, Batman is looking to spread peace across the Multiverse, no matter who likes it or not. The Dark Knight has gone rogue.


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