Good Story, Weak Art
Review for Artifacts (2010) 4-A

Comic Book by Top Cow, Dec 01 2010
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December 23, 2010

Good Story, Weak Art

Artifacts #4 is beginning to take shape and go beyond introductions. Ron Marz is taking us deeper into the story by setting up what will be a race to get the thirteenth artifact and its wielder. The search for Hope is taking second place to the search for the thirteenth artifact; I wonder if this artifact and its wielder will be Hope, time will tell.

What is clear is that this series is coming to its own, but I’m disappointed with the art in this issue and others. It is hard to tell the female characters apart sometimes; the look of Sara is different from Witchblade and Nottingham and Jackie are almost indistinguishable. This is the only failing in this comic. I hope that a new artistic team is selected for the remaining issues.


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