Review for Eerie 109-A

Magazine by Warren, Feb 01 1980
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November 28, 2008


This is a great issue of Eerie, I got it back in 1980 and still have my original copy. There is great artwork throughout, and interesting stories. Here's a breakdown of the issue: 1.) "Blood on Black Satin" - a story about a town called Middlesex that is populated by people who appear to be normal, but are actually half-demon. The hero of the story is a Van Helsing style detective who is investigating the strange goings-on. Very gothic look and feel. Great artwork and interesting story. Some satanic imagery and sexy female characters, that are not appropriate for children. 2.) BeastWorld - a sci-fi story about two couples in a strange world where giant praying mantis' and other strange beasts try to kill them. Both the men are musclebound jocks, and the two female characters are incredibly hot of course. Great artwork, but very short story (like most of the stories, to be continued in the next issue), probably my second favorite story in this issue. Btw, the outstanding artist for BeastWorld is Pablo Marcos; he's very talented, especially at illustrating female characters. I believe he went on to do Conan the Barbarian and other Marvel stuff. 3.) Race of the Damned - robot overlords allow exiled humans to take part in an annual space race for the chance to reclaim Earth. 4.) Fugue State - my favorite part of the entire issue, probably because of the great artwork featuring a samurai, ninjas, and extremely bloody violence. I'd like to get all the issues of Eerie containing this storyline. Larry Hama is the author on this one, I think he went on to do GI Joe and some other Marvel projects. The outstanding artwork is by Val Mayerik. 5.) MacTavish - this is the last story, presumably the grand finale. It's a good sci-fi story, but the artwork is not as much to my liking as the first three stories. The back of the issue contains lots of vintage ads for Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, and other merchandise. (Review by Chris Hudson)


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