Superboy Returns
Review for Superman (2018) 10-B

Comic Book by DC, Jun 01 2019
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April 15, 2019

Superboy Returns

With Jon Kent trapped for years on Earth 3, he was able to free himself from Ultraman’s grip. Unfortunately for the young hero, he not only had to face off with his father’s doppelganger, but he now has to deal with the evil duplicate of his mother, Superwoman. Can Jon outsmart another superpowered villain?

(Spoilers Incoming)

As Jon flees from his evil attacker, he admits that seeing people who look so much like his parents made him a little homesick. As Superwoman closes in on him, he is saved out of nowhere by Jor-El. He is able to hold off Superwoman long enough to teleport both himself and Jon back to his ship. However, as Jon tells Clark and Lois, Jor-El looked much older than before. Jor-El then grabs Jon and begins screaming, demanding to know where he went and why he ran away from him. As Jon tries to explain what happened when the wormhole popped up, Jor-El cuts him off and tells him that he’s been searching for him for years. He then explains to Jon that the wormhole they were pulled through resulted from the destruction of the Source Wall, and that despite Jon being missing for years, to the people on Earth, it has only seemed like a few weeks. Jor-El hands Jon a box containing Jon’s very own super suit. As he dawns it for the first time, their ship is attacked. A hole is blown in the hull, threatening to pull Jon into space. As they both look past the hole, they see what may be the doom of all things Kryptonian: Rogol Zaar, Zod and Jax-Ur coming straight for the ship. Before they can reach Jon, Jor-El blasts him with a teleportation device, sending him through time and space and dropping him back on Earth. This brings us up to speed with everything that happened to Superboy out in space.

When Clark hears that it was Rogol Zaar that attacked the ship, he knows that he can’t wait to face the monster again. As he prepares to leave, Jon follows his father. As they said goodbye to Lois, the space around them begins glowing, and they are hurled into deep space. Unfortunately for them, they don’t end up near Jor-El’s ship. Instead, they land in the middle of massive battle between rival species.

Now we know the full story behind what happened to Jon in space, and how he got back to Earth. Now, it seems that Jor-El will have to be bumped down to a second priority now that Rogol Zaar has reentered the picture. My question is why is Zod helping him? Zod has always dedicated himself to saving what was left of Krypton, so why is he working with the creature that killed the planet? As good as this story has been, I’m hoping that Jon will somehow be de-aged by the end of it. While not a bad story, it feels like we were robbed of the chance to see Jon grow up at his father’s side. If this change to Jon is permanent, however, they need to make it matter. Much like Dick Grayson, they need to use this older age as a way to make Jon into his own man. Instead of just being Superboy, I think this should led to Jon becoming something else, and maybe even becoming the new Superman somewhere down the line. I think there needs to be more emphasis on legacy characters and mantles being passed to young heroes, and I think Jon Kent has become the best candidate for that. However, only time will tell.


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