The Price of Peace
Review for Justice League (2018) 21-A

Comic Book by DC, Jun 01 2019
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April 09, 2019

The Price of Peace

The Justice league has been shown a bright new future that they are solely responsible for. A future without evil or villains, leaving the heroes to rebuild not only Earth, but the Multiverse as a whole. However, while this future may seem bright and shiny on the outside, the dark truth is lurking just below the surface.

(Spoilers Incoming)

We open with our Superman attacking the future Superman inside the void he was left in. Despite his best effort, our Superman does no harm to his future counterpart. The future Superman reveals that his former self was always the one standing in the way of making the hardest choices that would ensure victory, so he was removed from the field. He also reveals that if Superman continues to try to escape, he’ll die before he ever comes close. In Gotham, Bruce and Dick sit down for a cup of tea inside the Pennyworth Home, the replacement for Arkham Asylum. Dick tells Bruce that after the war, Alfred died of old age, so the Bat Family tore down Arkham and build something Alfred would be proud of. As the two continue to talk, Bruce is summoned by J’onn to a psychic meeting of the League. Once everyone is gathered, J’onn and Kendra reveal that this world is not everything it seems to be. As their future child steps up to reveal everything, the future Superman arrives. He traps the League in place and then reveals himself to be not Superman, but one of Perpetua’s original children: the World Forger.

On Earth, Starman and Mera are still trying to hold off the now monstrous Mxyzptlyk. While they try to battle the imp, Jarro closes in and attaches himself to Mxyzptlyk. What Jarro sees and relays back to the Leaguers there is something that terrifies him to his soul: Mxyzptlyk is undoing existence itself. Back in the other dimension, the World Forger reveals that within a few days from that exact moment, Lex Luthor will make his case for Doom to the Multiverse. At that point, the end will begin for existence. For the League to make the world they see possible, they must devise who will side with Lex and strike first. When Flash and Green Lantern ask how many people they will have to imprison before the war even begins, the World Forger tells them that more than half of the Multiverse will side with Lex. Hawkgirl tells the League that she learned once they go down this path, they kill everyone who stands in their way to establish a new kind of justice. When the Leaguers begin to discuss if they made the right decision when this all began, everyone stays the course. Everyone except Batman. He tells them that ever since they fought Barbatos, they have been taking one step forward and two steps back, and that this is their chance to change that. The World Forger tells them that they need to decide what their future will be, giving them the chance to vote. Once they do, they refuse to go down the path the Forger had set for them; so in his anger, he sends them elsewhere, telling them that they will regret their choice. The League arrives on a dark, fiery planet that J’onn immediately recognizes as Apokolips. When they begin looking around, they find all of their enemies, including Darkseid himself, locked away across the planet. They are then attacked by an armored unit of troops. Their leader tells the League that they were the one that killed Superman, and now they would be the next to die. The leader of the troops then removes their helmet to reveal Lois Lane.

For the League to win, they have to become the very thing they swore to fight against. Now that we know all the details, we know that the Justice League will have to pull off a literal miracle to not just win, but to survive at all. Now that they are trapped on Apokolips surrounded by all of their deadliest enemies, they see the price of true peace. I wonder if this will change how the heroes have been going about handling the Legion of Doom as time pushes closer to the end. Another question I have is Batman. He’s normally the one who sticks to his decisions even if it kills him. Did he say he’d change his vote because he meant it? Or is he trying to play the World Forger to get the advantage? The Justice League is in deeper trouble that they ever have been. With existence itself on the brink of collapse, is there any chance for them to pull themselves from the rubble and save everything? Or is Doom the ultimate fate of the Multiverse?


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