Exit Steve Rogers...Enter John Walker! (A Review of Captain America #334)
Review for Captain America (1968) 334-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Oct 01 1987
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July 13, 2015

Exit Steve Rogers...Enter John Walker! (A Review of Captain America #334)

Steve Rogers, under pressure by a shadowy government organization called "The Commission" to come and work for them, turns in his iconic shield and uniform and gives up being Captain America to maintain his personal freedom to act on his own. The Commission enlists John Walker (aka Super-Patriot) to fill the role...and Walker finds the boots of CAPTAIN AMERICA are quite big to fill.

John spends hours going over old footage of Steve Rogers trying to learn how to use the shield as well as undergoes hours of rigorous training to be a worthy replacement. He is introduced to Blob, Avalanche and Pyro...ex Brotherhood of Evil Mutant members who know go by the name of FREEDOM FORCE to help him train as well as TASKMASTER, whose skill of "photographic reflexes" can help Walker learn Rogers' moves from someone who has witnessed Rogers at his physical prime. One of Walker's friends, Lemar Hoskins (who was originally just a Bold Urban Commando during Walker's stint as Super-Patriot) has also enlisted to be Captain America's new partner, Bucky.

In my opinion, this particular run on CAPTAIN AMERICA is some of the late Mark Gruenwald's best work on the title...turning the status quo on its' ear and trying something new. For the next year or so, the series takes a darker turn and builds up into a mega-ending in issue #350. This series is reprinted in a trade paperback entitled "The Captain", and is really worth picking up. With the socio-economic and political climate of the United States seemingly changing every day, I found this issue (and series) to be one that holds up very well under the circumstances. I really recommend you pick up this issue, and every issue to number #350 for the whole scoop.

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Yep, love this replacement cap story arc!

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