Engagement is Lacking
Review for Incorruptible 13-A

Comic Book by Boom! Studios, Dec 01 2010
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December 25, 2010

Engagement is Lacking

As noted in the previous review, Incorruptible was getting out of sync with the Plutonian story and seemed to be lost on its own existentialist struggle. This is remedied in this issue as Mark Waid brings the threads back to the core issue; Max Damage is a by-product of the Plutonian’s rampage and can only exist as a hero so long Plutonian is the anti-hero. Waid has yet to reconcile Jailbait and Alana’s role vis-à-vis Max Damage. Max Damage’s weakness will be his undoing as future stories are drafted, this has been telegraphed well in advance in this issue; the mystery is who will pull the trigger when the time comes.

This title maintains a fair engagement ratio but I see that it will be coming to an end or loose its relevancy soon unless fresh characters are brought into play to create the required tension to keep readers engaged.


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