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Review for Guardians of the Galaxy (2008) 12-A

Comic Book by Marvel, May 01 2009
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April 28, 2009

Top Notch

I finally got around to reading this after my LCS forgot to order it in the week it was released.

SPOILERS from here on in!

I did enjoy it, it certainly wraped up that little story about Drax and Phyla really well. It's good to see the return of Heather, but who knows what kind of powers she has now. I think she still has her physic powers, which is good!

The deal that Phyla made with the Dragon in order to rescue Heather seems like it will bounce back and make an exciting sub-story in future issues! That last page pretty much sums up why I love cosmic stuff, there is nothing too big or extraordinary for this kind of setting in outer space!

All in all, a good issue, written well and in the end it had a good outcome with the return of Heather! Great dialogue and characterisation! The artwork isnt half bad either! This was a good little 2 issue story!


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