Adventure with Sonja
Review for Red Sonja (2005) 41-C

Comic Book by Dynamite Entertainment, Jan 01 2009
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February 08, 2009

Adventure with Sonja

I've been a secret fan for those old fantasy tales for many years now, it started with novels for me and later I found that there were some amazing fantasy comic books to be read too! Firstly, I started reading old Marvel issue's of Conan The Barbarian and loved them, thus officially starting my love for fantasy comic stories. So having been a fan of Robert.E.Howard's Conan character and how he was portrayed in the comics, I decided to give his other arugably, most famous fictional charcacter creation a shot; Red Sonja. I read a few Red Sonja comics when I first started reading comics but they didn't quite do it for me. So I left it a good year or so and then this week, I decided to see if the stories for Red Sonja were any good again.

Turns out that they are, and this issue was pretty darn good! This seem's like a great issue to hop on board this series, it's not continued so much from the previous issue and its easy to understand and goes about explaining the quest she is on from scratch so it gets you up too speed.

Given that this issue was all back story on the object of Sonja and her master companion Osin's quest.. it was still enjoyable and was written well.

The dialogue was firm and mysterious in places. The artwork was very good as expected! Next issue I can imagine we will be bound to see some action as the duo continue along their quest to find The Blood Dynasty!


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