The Real Thing!!!
Review for Bram Stoker's Death Ship 1-A

Comic Book by IDW, May 01 2010
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November 28, 2010

The Real Thing!!!

IDW’s Death Ship#1 is the real thing. As you read it you almost feel sea sick as each panel seems to move in a rhythmic motion depicting the flow en ebb of waves in deep sea. Gary Gerani and Stuart Seyger make an excellent team as they scribe and show the last voyage of the Demeter.

We know that no one will survive, but its worth knowing each and every one of the crew and Gerani has made them real to us from the carnal seeking first mate to the intellectually disposed captain and eager child that ones to be a man before his time. It is the care of details that drive a good story and this is done well in this first issue.


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