Evening the Odds
Review for Adventures of the Super Sons 10-A

Comic Book by DC, Jul 01 2019
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May 06, 2019

Evening the Odds

After meeting Jonah Hex on a wild west planet, the Super Sons and their new Green Lantern friend make their way to intercept Rex Luthor and his army of super villains. But with the numbers advantage resting with Rex, can the young heroes even the odds and stop the takeover of Earth?

(Spoilers Incoming)

We begin with the same two children listening to the story of the Super Sons being told by their grandfather. As he is talking to the children, he is interrupted by an old man in a red and yellow jacket. He takes over the story, picking up with Rex nearly completing his plan. As he and Brainiac 6 discuss their course of action, they are interrupted by the hyperspace train the Super Sons took from their wild west adventure.

As Robin and Superboy prepare to take Rex’s hypercube and attack, Hex and the young Green Lantern prepare to join them when Hex makes contact with an unknown person. He then pulls his gun on the Lantern and fires. As the Super Sons attempt to take on Rex, he unleashes his army on them. Before the villains can kill either Robin or Superboy, Hex rams the train full speed into Rex’s ship. Superboy begins frantically looking for Robin, but finds him with the young Lantern, who now has a full power ring. He explains that Hex shot him in order to trick his ring into powering up. Unfortunately, they are still surrounded by an army. As Hex steps forward to join the fight, Rex blows a hole in his head, leaving the gunslinger to die. As all hope seems lost, the odds are evened from out of nowhere. Tommy Tomorrow arrives to even the odds, bringing with him, Joker Jr. and the future versions of Damian and Jon from earlier in the series.

It seems like Robin and Superboy will finally have enough help in taking on Rex’s army of villains. However, with Jonah out of the fight, they have lost a huge advantage. As with other issues of this series, it was great. I can’t emphasize enough that this is how Damian should be written. Despite seemingly every other series he’s in undoing all of his growth over the last few years (looking right at you, Teen Titans), Super Sons continues to nail it. We know that one way or another, the Super Sons will come out of this fight alive. However, the one thing I want from the coming finale of the series has nothing to do with the fight itself. Since the beginning of the series, we’ve seen two children that are clearly the grandchildren of Damian and Jon. While I know it’s not the main focus of the story, I want at least a little backstory on the two of them. Only two issues left now, and I don’t see the momentum that Super Sons has built up slowing down at all.


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