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Graphic Novel / Trade by Image, Jan 01 2010
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December 26, 2010

Top Notch

Just when I didn't think this story could get any better, Kirkman brings us "Safety Behind Bars" (Volume Three.)

One of the things that has impressed me with this series is how well I can relate to the characters and the way they react to the ensuing zombie apocalypse. Like many horror fans, I have often asked myself, "What would I do if society crumbled and I was being hunted by flesh eating zombies?" The answer is simple, probably everything The Walking Dead hero, Officer Rick Grimes has done.

In this volume, Grimes sees a great deal of promise for his family and the group of survivors in a maximum prison compound he finds just outside of Atlanta. Sure the facility has zombies roaming around the grounds, but it is protected by a triple fence and is sure to be filled with prison food...right?

As you could well imagine, the least of Grimes worries inside this prison should be the walking dead! Officer Grimes and his new partner Tyreese face no end of problems while attempting to secure the prison. Ultimately, after many deaths, a brush with a serial killer, and some marital problems, Rick and his crew are forced to leave the homey prison at gun point.

This volume does many things raise the bar for this series in my eyes. One of the most notable things however, is Kirkman's ability to show the reader that just because society has entered a zombie apocalypse, it doesn't mean that humankind has forgotten all of their other...problems. Things like infidelity, homicidal tendencies and a general distrust in our fellow human beings help hammer home the point that we are a truly flawed race.

Rick Grimes is the ultimate face of the tragically flawed human. On one hand, he wants to lead the survivors according the laws he once valued as a police officer. On the other hand, he realizes that the old laws may no longer apply, and liberties have to be taken. What else is there to do when the dark, dirty side of society begins showing its ugly face with no government agencies to lock it away (and I am not even talking about zombies here!)

I feel like a broken record here, but holy cow is this series ever good! And I think this might just be the best volume yet!


Thanks again Shen!
Glad you're enjoying this series! GREAT REVIEW!

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