Exhumes Freshness
Review for Hotwire: Deep Cut 1-A

Comic Book by Radical, Jul 01 2010
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December 01, 2010

Exhumes Freshness

There is freshness with Hotwire that is rarely seen in comics now days. Even in the first volume of this title it was not apparent; this freshness has to do with Hotwire the character herself. In this first issue of Hotwire: Deep Cut we get a good idea of what events in her youth form her resolve to deal with the paranormal in a world that attempts to deal with them as a matter of routine.

The artwork is amazingly good in displaying the ghost of past lives and of showing our heroin in the best possible way. I’m not sure how much input Warren Ellis has with each issue apart from sharing the creator rights but it seems to me that Steve Pugh is well placed at writer/artist to make great thing happen in the comic industry based on his work in this series.


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