The New Guardians of the Galaxy
Review for Guardians of the Galaxy (2008) 8-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Feb 01 2009
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January 26, 2009

The New Guardians of the Galaxy

I am gradually getting up to date on Guardians of the Galaxy and this is the issue I'm up too at the moment. This series is pretty much one of the best comics I have ever read in its field. This is the pinnacle of sci-fi adventure around at the moment!

Warning, if you have not read this issue, then be warned, there are major plot spoilers ahead! Read at your own risk!

This issue welcomes a whole bunch of crazy universe twisting stories.. more related to Earth as ever before. The Guardians have split up since #6 due to the team finding out about Peter's little mind screw-up, and Peter himself has gone solo. Rocket Racoon is trying to hold up the team with a whole new line up of characters.. including the return of Bug, who it was very cool to see return, as well as Major Victory, who I was surprised to still see hanging around, I really thought that he would be dropped by now, but I'm cool with it!!

It seems as though Rocket Racoon is holding the new team together very well, he is a natural leader and funny as hell making me chuckle as I stare in awe at how cool he is at kicking people's asses! He is 100% cool!

Peter (Star-Lord) on the other hand seems to have gone walkies and no one knows where he is, let alone cares. But we do don't we readers! Oh yes, you bet your sweaty socks we do! He has gone off trying to ease his guilt for letting the Phalanx invade the Kree by going back to Hala to warn them about the Skrull invasion which he actually knows little about. Turns out thing's don't go as planned for him and he gets his butt exiled to the negative zone, where he is stuck with Blaastar (the new king of the negative zone).

This issue is creepy because while in the Negative Zone, Blaastar commands Quill to crack into '42' (Mr. Fantastic's galactic prison from Civil War) and Blaastar wants to open up the portals which lead back to Earth, so that he can invade it! This is an awesome story idea!

The other members of the 'old' GotG team, Warlock, Drax, yada yada yada, they've all gone of their seperate ways, but we don't see much of them here if anything at all.

This issue was writen brilliantly, as is DnA's legendary style! Great humour and some totally kick-ass action in here too! The plots are all handled very well, and this book has a perfect pace, its a very enjoyable read! The artwork is great too! How can you go wrong!!!


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