Immortal Hulk #27 Review: Sweep The Leg.
Review for Immortal Hulk 27-B

Comic Book by Marvel, Jan 01 2020
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November 20, 2019

Immortal Hulk #27 Review: Sweep The Leg.

Continuing directly from the pages of IMMORTAL HULK #26, the latest installment of Ewing/Bennett's masterpiece title sees the fulfillment of Bruce Banner's promise to use the Hulk to tear down the corporate walls of anyone on Earth profiting from the planet's destruction and the his sights are squarely on the ROXXON Corporation. With Banner's mind, the Hulk's brute strength and the technology at this disposal from SHADOW BASE, it takes the green-skinned monster 10 minutes to disrupt ROXXON's entire network, getting the notice of ROXXON's CEO, the MINOTAUR.

This particular arc doesn't have quite the otherworldly magic that the last few issues have had, but it's clear that Al Ewing is building things up for something bigger than the story yet again. He's taken us through a journey of discovery quite literally to Hell and back in the last couple years to reintroduce this version of the Hulk to readers so I have no doubt that the slight lull to this issue is just the calm before the storm. The story isn't bad, it's just a little slower than I've come to expect from this title. At this point, it's also become clear that if IMMORTAL HULK #27 is your first HULK comic in years, you're badly out of touch with what's going on. It's imperative that you purchase the other 26 issues as individual issues or as trades in order to get up to speed. The current interior artist Joe Bennett has given us a Hulk who is reminiscent of Jack Kirby's beast with a sinister twist...and I like it.

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