The Solitary Knights are Revealed
Review for Mindfield 3-A

Comic Book by Aspen, Sep 01 2010
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October 24, 2010

The Solitary Knights are Revealed

Malcolm and Ian are the aces that the Solitary Knights need to carryout their domestic terrorist act on Mall of America. These two powerful psychics are not only after specific information but seem to relish their acts of inhuman terror. Terrorism comes from internal as well as external threats and Mindfield #3 has set the stage for the greatest challenge yet for our team of psychic counter terrorist agents.

The Solitary Knights have been with us since the beginning of this series with cryptic messages throughout the pages, but only in this issue do we learn about their target and mode of action.

This series uses quotes from literary figures that have explored the psychic nature of our minds through out the issues; from Aldous Huxley, Freud, and Kurt Vonnegut among others. The use of these quotes gives this comic series gravitas that would otherwise be missing. It also shows the amount of thinking that has been invested in this storyline.

The back story of Isaac adds to the complex dimension of his character and the terrors that he carries with him from his past life.


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