Lady Luck Favors the Foolish
Review for Green Hornet (2010) 9-E

Comic Book by Dynamite Entertainment, Jan 01 2010
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November 11, 2010

Lady Luck Favors the Foolish

It feels like we are coming to an end for this story arc in Kevin Smith’s reinvention of the Green Hornet. Issue #8 ended with a cliff-hanger and so does issue #9. Lady luck is looking after our dynamic duo as Beauty comes to their rescue in the form of a guided missile that takes out the gigantic type writer in the nick of time allowing our intrepid heroes to plunge to certain death the 50 or so stories, but because lady luck favors the foolish and innocent the land intact to take the fight to the bad guys. Now in hot pursuit of a jet fighter they must sacrifice themselves in order to save an orphanage from annihilation as a missile has locked on to Beauty’s heat signature.

This issue is action packed and certainly stretching credibility, but it’s a comic after all; completely expected. I missed the hand-to-hand combat that has characterized other issues and a clear rationale for Hirohito’s actions. I guess insanity is the only explanation for the immature behavior exhibited by the young Juuma.

Kevin Smith continues to amaze me with his clear plot and script. Phil Hester is doing his apprenticeship doing the breakdowns for this last two issues getting ready to take the help after the tenth issue is released. The interior art and penciling is top notch and one of the reasons why this series is doing so well for Dynamite Entertainment.


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